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When working on our various craft projects, how often do we find ourselves mumbling frustratingly, “there must be a better way…”?


Well often it’s just a matter of asking someone else – and the solution is right there!


Here are TEN TIPS that you may be able to apply to your next project.



Cut thread on an angle to make it easier to thread through your needle.



Always start a new sewing project with a new needle – especially if you are using a sewing machine.





Always photograph your work and keep the photos in an album – it acts as a reminder for any similar projects you may take on in the future.




Put a hand towel under your sewing machine – it softens the sound and acts as a pin holder when needed.



Use 1mm thickness elastic when making necklaces. Easy to put on and off for any age!




Look after your tools and they will look after you – and remember to clean them when you have finished crafting for the day.




When painting, stroke one way only.




When scrapbooking, keep it simple and remember the main focus should be on the photo.




Always do a trial quilt block to ensure your pattern is correct.




When using stranded embroidery thread, separate each strand, then it will sew and sit more evenly.



Do you have a challenge or a tip you’d like to share? Simply enter it in the comments field below. There are also some great handy gadgets out there making a crafter’s life easier, and more tips over here, and here!

If you’re looking for some handy gadgets to make



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2 thoughts on “Ten More Tips”

  1. If you’re having trouble threading a needle, cut the thread at an angle then lick the eye of the needle, not the end of the thread. Wetting the thread makes it swell.


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