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When working on our various craft projects, how often do we find ourselves mumbling frustratingly, “there must be a better way…”?


Well often it’s just a matter of asking someone else – and the solution is right there!


Here are TEN TIPS that you may be able to apply to your next project.


Always replace your machine needle and clean out the bobbin case after each quilt project. Your machine will thank you for it.


For Knitting cable patterns, if you don’t have a cable holder to hold your stitches out of the way, you can do so with a safety pin. Then knit off the safety pin after.


Use a little anti-perspirant deodorant or powder on your hands when sewing in hot weather. Keeping your hands dry will keep your material cleaner and will reduce rust formation on your needle.


Store bottles of glue upside down. That way they are ready to go for your next project.


When making a child’s garment add extra large hems so it grows with the child. Also keep a scrap of the fabric inside the hem which can be used to patch if needed.


For knitted or crocheted squares that have furry (or similar) yarns, join them using single crochet stitch.


To stop a large cone of thread from wobbling whist machine sewing, place a small empty cotton reel on the spool before putting the cone on top.


Always keep a sketch book or pen and paper with you to jot down ideas as they come into your head. This applies to night time as well so you can get ideas out of your head and onto paper so they are not forgotten.


Start a blog – it’s the best way to keep a record of what you are making then read other blogs and comment on them. You will be surprised by how many friends you will make and how much you will learn.


If you share your magazines with friends, always put your name on them and ask your friends to photocopy the patterns – never cut them out.


Do you have a challenge or a tip you’d like to share? Simply enter it in the comments field below.



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One thought on “10 Tips”

  1. When needing to cut out from fabric multiple copies of a design, and especially when cutting knit fabrics, print your design onto Reynolds freezer paper. First make a copy on plain A4 paper, fitting as many shapes on it as suits you, then using that sheet as a master, cut the freezer paper to A4 length and adhere the leading edge with double sided adhesive tape to a blank sheet of printer paper to stabilise it, and using the straight path on your printer, copy from the master onto the freezer paper. Remove the freezer paper from the backing sheet and iron the shapes onto your fabric. After cutting out, the designs can be used again and again. This method means your original pattern is preserved and because you are not pinning the pattern onto the fabric, the fabric does not shift under it.


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