2019 Industry Hall of Fame Recipient, Judy Hall

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At the Australasian Quilt Convention last month in Melbourne, Expertise Events awarded the second recipient of the Industry Hall of Fame Award. The award was created in 2018 to acknowledge the contribution of an individual from the commercial side of the industry, whether they are manufacturers, distributors, retailers or designers.


This year’s recipient is Judy Hall of Punch with Judy fame. We say fame because for anyone who attends a craft fair around Australia, Judy’s stand is a must to visit. After owning a retail shop for a number of years, Judy closed her premises and began a home-based business in the early 1990s that quickly expanded and required larger premises. The business is now run from Judy and her husband John’s 100 acre property at The Rock, near Wagga Wagga in southern NSW.


You might wonder where the name of the business came from. Well, when Judy first began exhibiting at craft shows in 1991, the only product she sold was Russian punch needles – hence the name, Punch With Judy. Now Judy stocks a vast array of sewing and quilting notions. In fact, Judy prides herself on offering the most innovative array of products for her customers. She travels the world in search of the latest products and new ideas to bring to Australia. Judy also engages with her customers in a variety of ways from the craft shows she attends to teaching workshops, holding retreats, social media activity as well as writing magazine columns and newsletters.


Judy’s success in the industry has stemmed from her belief that sewing, quilting, knitting – in fact any type of craft is wonderful therapy and gives a great sense of personal achievement. Her success is also a reflection of her shear pleasure in sourcing and providing quality products to craftspeople who are as passionate about creating handmade items as Judy is. “Craftspeople are the most generous, nicest, encouraging people in the world and it is always an absolute pleasure to meet and share with others who are as passionate as I am re doing anything with one’s hands,” Judy says.


“Receiving the Industry Hall of Fame award is one of the proudest moments of my life, I was humbled and in awe of the standing ovation I received from my peers and all the talented quilters in the packed room at the Gala Dinner,” Judy recalls. “I was to sincerely thank all my valued customers who keep me going! I’ve been doing the show circuit for 28 years and spend about the same number of years before that as a sewing machine dealer and tutor. The many friends I have made in this journey both in Australia and Internationally is incredible. What a life!”


There’s also a lot that goes on behind the scenes and for that Judy says gratefully, “Thank you to John, my show staff over all these years, my staff at home and my family who have many a time pitched in to do a show or two in those early years. Thank you also to Expertise Events with whom I have worked over the past 25 years – you are the best and most professional avenue for any newcomer to launch their career in the business we are all so passionate about.”


With 28 years of providing fantastic products at craft shows around the country customers hope to see you Judy for many more to come.

Judy will be attending the Craft & Quilt Fair in Perth from May 22-26. For more information visit: https://craftfair.com.au/wp/Perth/

For all remaining craft show dates for 2019 visit: https://expertiseevents.com.au/events/events-calendar-2/


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