3D Textile Art


Lindsay Taylor lives on the Isle of Wight in the UK. Her studio is located at the edge of a large forest where it’s not hard to imagine a world of faeries skipping over tree roots, dancing around fallen leaves, vines and weeds and hiding out in hollowed, moss covered logs safe from beetles, bugs and larger furry residents in the dim light of the forest floor. This is where she garners inspiration.

by Mindy Cook

Teacup and Saucer

Lindsay’s three dimensional embroidery started when she spotted a ceramic cup and saucer in the shape of a rose and wondered how it would reproduce in embroidery. Up to this point she had been producing 2D embroidered handbags and scarves and this new challenge pushed her boundaries.

Crocus Bag

She describes her favourite and most challenging materials and techniques. “If I am not stitching straight onto water dissolvable fabric (using Violeen’s Solufleece), I use hand dyed silk fabric as a base. Silk is fine, incredibly strong and takes dye beautifully. I will often use wire incorporated into my work for strength and shape. The most challenging technique I have adopted has to be working on dissolvable fabric. My first attempt almost went flying through the window in frustration!”

Briar Rose Necklace – wire, thread & silk
Rose Hat – wire, thread and silk

Lindsay has recently completed her last piece for the upcoming ‘Collect’ exhibition, being held at London’s Saatchi Gallery, May 9-13. A total of eleven installations from Project Space artists will come together as part of this leading international art fair.

“This display was inspired by sad images of dead Albatross chicks washed up on my local beach after being fed lethal quantities of plastic debris,” she explained. “Working on this project really pushed my skills. I usually like to work with the real thing in front of me. But for this project working on animals proved tricky. The internet was an invaluable source, but on my third piece I almost came unstuck. It was a hedgehog caught with plastic around its neck. After several days work, it wasn’t an edgy piece of taxidermy as I had pictured, but more a caricature straight from Beatrix Potter’s Mrs Tiggiwinkle! This was probably my worst nightmare, having such a major exhibition, not a great deal of time left and my work not going according to plan.” She continued. “But I’ve now finished my life-sized badger and it was a doddle. It took just half the time to make. I am now working on a dress for something completely different. Having bought some beautiful rich purple velvet nine months ago, I felt the need to make something that I can do with my eyes shut.”

Plastic Soup
Bag for Life
3D Textile Art
3D Textile Art

3D Textile ArtLindsay Taylor released her first book, Embroidered Art in August, 2013 and it is available through Can Do Books and other major booksellers.

“I am constantly looking to push my techniques and produce new and interesting things. Flora and fauna have inspired artists over centuries and I feel I have only just begun.”

Read more at Lindsay Taylor’s website and blog.

3D Textile Art
Chair-felt thread wire silk
3D Textile Art
Fishpond-thread silk
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