50 Years of Flower Power

Flower Power

Did you know that it is 50 years since the term ‘Flower Power’ was first coined to describe a non-violent protest against the Vietnam War?

The flower power movement of passive resistance rapidly spread from its beginnings in Berkeley, California, and eventually the term ‘flower child’ became synonymous with ‘hippie’ and a counterculture embracing psychedelic music and art sprang up. This art style is often recognisable from its simple, graphic, brightly coloured designs.  At the same time, many flower children sought a return to basics and to simple living. Traditional crafts had their resurgence, but often with a twist, and a distinctive style of no-rules crochet became a small part of the hippie, grass roots ethos.

Prudence Mapstone put out a call to knitters and crocheters around the world and received hundreds of flowers from 207 people in 24 different countries including Australia, USA, UK, Italy, Finland, Germany, Belgium and Norway.

She stitched all the pieces together over a period of more than 100 hours and the result is a unique and spectacular collaborative artwork.

This magnificent work has been shown at several of our craft events this year and will be in Newcastle at the Stitches & Craft Show this weekend August 13 to 16, 2015. Here are some close ups for you to enjoy – it’s just spectacular. CLICK on each image to see a lovely BIG picture.

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Prudence Mapstone

Stitches & Craft Show

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One thought on “Amazing Artwork”

  1. I saw this today at the Newcastle show: what an amazing display of creativity, colour and texture. It is a credit to all of the people involved in its creation!


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