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Do you want easy access to projects and tips? Arlene White has recently created an embroidery techniques App for the iPhone which she expects will be ready to unveil just in time for The Stitches & Craft Show in Townsville, October 3 – 6, 2013.

by Mindy Cook

She has been embroidering since 1998. After her mother passed away, Arlene moved to the UK for work for four years and on her return she became an active member of the Fibres & Fabrics Creative Textile Association, based in Townsville, Qld.

Arlene says she inherited her parent’s creative genes and as such has created some wonderful embroidery reflecting her home life and nature.
“Living in the tropical city of Townsville I’m surrounded by the beautiful landscape of the rivers, rain forests and many indigenous creatures which I take inspiration from,” Arlene explains.

The creation and development of her embroidery App is very exciting news and we wanted to know all about it. Arlene was happy to fill us in…

How did you get the idea for this new product? How will it work? And how does it benefit the user?

My original idea came at Easter this year while attending a training weekend with the Scout Association. One of the tasks was to set goals and ideas that would benefit training to new leaders and they also released an App. To me, this seemed like a good idea for embroidery techniques and training. Later I got chatting with my son about this and he suggested we develop an App, and the idea was born.

The opportunity to teach through the use of mobile media, online in a virtual classroom appeals to me. I’m excited about the possibility of reaching a much wider and younger audience, introducing them to the wonderful art of embroidery. I’m also hoping people enjoy the projects offered on the App so we can ensure the propagation of embroidery in future generations. I’ve tried to write clear and simple instructions for the stitches and projects to help the user perfect their work. Having the stitches on hand wherever one might be, or to have a handy project when on holidays, are just two of the benefits of this App.

How did you go about getting it developed?

My son, Christopher, has a background in Electrical Engineering and having an interest in computers and modern technology since he was a child has allowed us to work together on the App. Chris does the coding and programming and I do all the creative work including writing the content. Chris contributes with ideas that he feels would appeal to young users. The ladies at Fibres & Fabrics Association have also played a part, testing and proofreading the App.

When will it be available for users?

We hope to release it at The Stitches and Craft Show in Townsville, October 3 – 6, but that depends on a few factors. Waiting for Apple to approve the App is the major hurdle. As with all programming there are bugs which have to be ironed out along with ensuring its suitability for the iPhone 3, 4 and 5. I’ll have a trial version on the Fibres & Fabrics stand at the Show where visitors can give it a test run.

Arlene White



The initial release of the App will be FREE with two free projects, 29 free stitches and three in-App purchase projects:

  1. A Goldwork Beetle
  2. A Textured Gecko
  3. and in time for Christmas, a lovely Goldwork Box.



Thanks Arlene! And finally, please finish this sentence:

I can’t live without … My iPhone embroidery App! Seriously it will be with me as long as I have my phone handy.

Come along to The Stitches & Craft Show in Townsville, October 3 – 6 and meet Arlene, test drive her new App and while there, enjoy all the exhibitions, classes and many other new products – it’s a great day out!



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