New Product: Fiskars Adjustable Rotary Cutter


The Fiskars Adjustable Rotary Cutter has some new benefits that make rotary cutting easier and safer. And you really notice the differences when you’re cutting fabric for a new project which can be hours in one session. It’s the new, adjustable factor that’s the winner with this product.

By Marianne Roberts

The handle is curved and softer than other rotary cutter blade handles and fits your hand very comfortably. And the blade is very easy to replace using a safe no-touch magnetic system so you never have to handle a blade. And, the cutter is simple to convert to right or left-handed use.

The outstanding feature is the adjustable positioning of the blade.

The blade can be positioned under the handle, the ‘power position’, making cutting easier. The pressure of your hand works the cutter, as distinct from your fingers for the work. Alternatively, the blade can easily be rotated to the regular ‘stick’ position – as an extension of the handle. Safety is also considered with the adjustment function as the handle can only be rotated when the guard is in position.

I used the Adjustable Rotary Cutter in the power position for a five-hour cutting marathon for a new project and noticed the difference while using the cutter and afterwards too. Cutting through multiple layers of fabric was easy and I was pleasantly surprised at how good my hands and shoulders were at the end of the session.
Either way, the cutter is good to use for extended periods of time, and well worth a try.

Look for the NEW Fiskars Adjustable Rotary Cutter at the Flip La K Stand at selected craft events across the year.
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4 thoughts on “New Product: Fiskars Adjustable Rotary Cutter”

  1. Like the look of this cutter after slicing a finger open on another brand. If it saves that happening again I will buy one.

  2. I purchased this Fiskars rotary cutter but cannot work out how to release and close the blade. With my other cutter I just flip it open and shut in one easy movement.
    Both my husband and I have looked at the instructions that came with the cutter, have gone on to Fiskars web site but to no avail.
    Please help!


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