AQC Reaches Far and Wide

The Australasian Quilt Convention is making its mark around the world, attracting quilts from more countries than ever before at the recent 2013 event at the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne. Plans are already underway for the 2014 convention which will celebrate ten years of Australia’s largest quilting event.

This year, in addition to quilt exhibitions from the UK and South Africa, plus quilts from Europe, the USA, New Zealand and every state in Australia, an exhibition of 32 large scale quilts was shown with the assistance of Bernina Korea.

The exhibition introduced us to Korean culture through artistic interpretation via the subjects: mythology, human relations, history, flora and fauna. Here are just some of those pieces.

‘Gabenori’ by Jung Soon Kim


‘Destiny Ѧ’ by Eun-Joo Kim


Korean Mask by Kyoung Ha

Judy Newman from organiser Expertise Events said, “Quilters from Korea were thrilled to have their work shown in Australia for the first time, and we were equally pleased to be able to host the exhibition.”

Representatives from Bernina Korea also attended the event and took great interest in the classroom setups and the quality of the work from Australian quilters. In past years they have held classes with Jenny Bowker and were on the lookout for other Australian tutors to invite.”


Bernina Korea has compiled two photo stories of their visit to AQC and it makes interesting viewing. They are in Korean but you can see the photos and feel the ambience:

AQC 2014 dates are April 10 to 13, 2013. Block out your diary now!



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