WORKSHOPS with a Mexican flavour!

Explore motifs and symbols in textile art with Latin American tutor Jane Tenorio-Coscarelli

SPOTLIGHT on: Tutor Jane Tenorio-Coscarelli (USA): Jane’s wonderful creations featured in the acclaimed Hollywood film: How to Make an American Quilt. Her passion for textile art is contagious and you can join her in three fantastic classes at AQC. Her Mexican heritage comes to the fore and she’ll show you step-by-step how to connect with your own personal legends and motifs.

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COAT TALES: Style your own stunning one-off couture creation. You will embellish and tell your own tale in thread.


mexico-2MEXICAN MOTIFS: It’s all about colourful, fun expression in this class. Learn to decorate home furnishings, cushions or bags with funky details like these celebratory Mexican ‘Sugar Skulls’.


mexico-4MEXICAN-STYLE (ALTAR) QUILTS: Who do you love and how do you commemorate them? Think for a moment – Amy Winehouse, Prince, Elvis, David Bowie, a dear friend or family member or even a pet. Create a charming memory-collage quilt (in vivid textile-style) using techniques and skills that Jane will show you in this two-day class – embellish and tell the story in thread.


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