Bead Embroidery Chinese Style


The art of bead embroidery has been handed down for centuries. It has been used to adorn clothing and textiles in the Chinese imperial court dating back to at least the Qing dynasty (1644-1912).

In this book, Han Yu details some of the extensive history of Chinese bead embroidery and how it differs to European methods. Author Han Yu studied bead embroidery and now teaches workshops, as well as produces haute couture garments and accessories for Shanghai Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week and for celebrities.

To begin, you will learn about different bead embroidery tools and materials and then be shown over a dozen embroidery stitches to produce single-bead, multi-bead, free stitches, layered stitches and much more.

There are 25 included projects that are all small in size, so achievable to complete, such as earrings, pouches, silk scarves and phone covers. More complex projects include a lamp cover and wall art.

The projects incorporate Chinese design elements such as birds and flower motifs and famous poems. If you are new to bead embroidery never fear! There are simpler designs to begin with and you are supported through the learning process with step-by-step photographs and diagrams.

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