Bespoke Button Bridal Bouquets

Nan’s Button Box Bouquets specialises in bespoke bridal bouquets, corsages, centrepieces and button holes with the hero item being, you guessed it, buttons.

by Mindy Cook

Two sisters, Katie and Lynsey combined their talents from fine arts and floristry backgrounds to conceive this curious and rather unusual custom business. The exquisite beauty and detail in their bouquets recently caught our attention at the Love Vintage Show in Sydney. We asked Katie if she would be happy to share the ‘Nan’s Button Box Bouquets’story with us.


Katie, can you describe the full range of your services?

All our bridal bouquets, corsages, centrepieces and button holes are custom made to order and created from a variety of materials including vintage buttons (of course), brooches, silk and handmade flowers, lace jewellery and photos set in resin.

How did this idea of using buttons instead of the traditional flower arrangement come about?

Both Lynsey and I spent a lot of time with our grandparents as children. Both our Nans owned a box of buttons that we used to spend hours exploring. I adored musing over which item of clothing each button came from and the history behind it. After my engagement I found a button bouquet service in the US but not Australia. My sister has a background in floristry, so she offered to help me make one allowing me to use my own buttons. I asked each guest to bring a button to the engagement party which I then used in my wedding bouquet. There was such an enthusiastic response, and the guests were so touched to be included in this way. So we decided to launch this as a business.

How are they made?

Each item is individually wired and sewn and then arranged in the bouquet. It is a very intriciate process! They have a lot of detail in them but that’s part of the appeal. Sourcing the items to go into the bouquets and wiring them takes the longest amount of time. We have to complete the wiring and sewing part in sections, as our hands seize up due to the intricacy of the task. So it’s hard to put a timeframe on them but as a general rule, customers are advised to allow 8 – 10 weeks from sourcing the materials to a complete bouquet.

What’s your most unusual creation to date?

We haven’t had any unusual orders yet, but we have been experimenting with army men, Lego, Matchbox Cars, Star Wars figurines and Alice in Wonderland. We’re dying to create a quirky bouquet for a themed wedding!


These ladies are passionate about their creations and we wish them success!

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