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October is…
Breast Cancer Awareness Month




by Judy Newman


As anyone who has been in this situation knows (and I know there are many of you out there!), this diagnosis is devastating and life changing.

The words “you have breast cancer” are the beginning of an unwelcome ‘journey’ that you have little control over and certainly didn’t sign up for!


So this month my message is simple: apart from making sure you have your regular check, please, please listen to your body and if you feel something is not quite right, get it checked out. That’s how it was with me even though I had a check just three months before. And the good news is that early detection and treatments have improved significantly with survival rates greatly increased.


But I also want to tell you about some of the wonderful things that made the situation bearable. Family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances and indeed complete strangers were so kind and understanding. So many good wishes flooded in from the many people in the craft world and these things made such a difference.


I received lots of sweet messages and lovely gifts –all completely unexpected.


Among the wonderful things I received was a friendship quilt with heart blocks created by quilters all around the country. Quilters are wonderful people – we know that!! I wanted to share a picture of it with you here today because some of the people who contributed to it may not have seen the finished piece.


The blocks have signatures and messages, and I have to admit when I first saw it I was completely overwhelmed. Thank you to everyone who put a little piece of quilting in there for me.


And to everyone out there, be aware, this month – and every other month too!


If you’d like to donate to Breast Cancer Research and prevention, please click here on one of the following links.

Or choose your preferred organisation and act now – together we can make a difference.



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6 thoughts on “Breast Cancer Awareness”

  1. Hi Judy about four years ago I was the “fortunate” person to win a secret auction of a large collection of pink cancer fabrics for that year. I stowed them away for a while then eventually made a pretty heart block quilt with the intention of donating it to the local group to raffle at one of their money raising events for cancer research Little did I know that last year I made the horrifying discovery of a large lump in my breast ( 21/2″by 11/2″). I saw the surgeon on a Friday and he operated on me on the following Tuesday as the biopsy determined that it was a very aggressive fast growing tumor.
    So here I am now with my very own cuddly quilt for my own comfort. Here is a very good hint – instead of making a quilt for someone undergoing treatment for any cancer – make a lovely top but instead of batting and backing just layer your top onto polar fleecy and quilt it. It is so soft and cuddly. Have made several quilts for cancer patients and they all say the same thing, The polar fleecy also makes washing a breeze.

  2. Dearest Judy
    Thank you for your email, I didn’t know you yourself has had to endure that dreadful C word.
    I had a bilateral mastectomy on the 24 August 2011 followed by chemo, (which nearly killed me twice, I had to be resuscitated on my 2nd cycle), then less than 12 months later I lost my mumma, like you I was blown away at the kindness of caring strangers people I didn’t even know and the kindness they showed.
    We are both survivors YEAH!!!
    Rhonda xoxoX

  3. Dear Judy. I too have been diagnosed with BC twice. I have just returned from Florence where I attended the International Dragon Boat Regatta for Breast Cancer Survivors. 3,500 Survivors from 120 different countries in one place. All paddlers had to have been diagnosed with BC. Lots of fun, lots of tears for friends who didn’t make it.
    Yes, “ always be aware of you own body “
    Regards Lark

    1. Good advice Lark! Paddling is great exercise for those of us who have had surgery and the comraderie is amazing. Breast awareness is key (.) (.) !


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