Breast Milk Jewellery!

Here at Into Craft, we like to present inspiration, useful suggestions, clever ideas and sometimes just downright, out there, strange ideas… and here is one that we just had to put ‘out there’ for discussion!

Breast Milk Jewellery by Allicia Mogavero of MommyMilk

We’ve seen bronzed baby shoes, framed hand and foot prints, Locks of baby hair kept in lockets were popular in the Victorian era, and many mums have tucked away a baby tooth, but if you want to stay ‘abreast’ of the latest baby keepsake trends, how about … breast-milk jewellery!

Yes, that’s right, beads and lockets made from your own breast milk.

Allicia Mogavero from Rhode Island can’t keep up with the daily demand for her range of breast milk jewellery which she began selling in 2007.


She began by making a small range for her extended family and friends, then about a year ago she put her designs on Etsy in her shop Mommy Milk Creations and has been busy ever since. Her range of 36 or more items includes pendants, bracelets, lockets and beads of breast milk and she personalises the jewellery with names in fancy script.

Her method, which she says is unique, takes about four weeks and uses a five-step process to preserve a small amount of milk which the buyer ships to her as instructed.

For those who would rather take the DIY approach, a breast milk kit is available from Brook Becker’s (California, USA) Etsy shop Milk Mom Baby, who takes the view that as breast milk is pretty personal, it’s a bridge too far to expect mothers to send theirs off to the other side of the world.

Regardless of the process, the whole concept of creating jewellery from breast milk has absolutely polarised mothers. What do you think?



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