Button Up!

Button Up

Here’s a great idea to use your button stash and create some crafty looking shoes. Grab some canvas kicks, strong thread with a sturdy needle, and lots of smallish coloured buttons and stitch away!

If you have a growing button stash, here are some other ideas to make:

  • Fridge magnets: Glue a magnet on the back of a large button
  • Collage pictures: Hot glue onto a cardstock background. I combined buttons and shells to make collages …link here.
  • Button Bookmarks: Use a shank button and thread with a paperclip
  • Garland: String them up on cord and drape around an ornamental jar or urn
  • Glue to papier mache or MDF letters as in the image below which is by Bowerbirdy who have a great range of interesting buttons as well as MDF letters http://bowerbirdy.com/kits/



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