Charming for Christmas

Dare we say it – it’s almost that time of year again, when the wine and champagne glasses come out and everyone is in a festive mood. These cute charms are a great addition to a dinner party – use a different charm per person and you’ll not only create a talking point, but also allow everyone to easily find their drinks. Work with Christmas charms like we did for festive parties, or other fancy charms for any time of year! This project is quite simple, and kids will enjoy helping out. By Bobbi O’Riley of Eureka! Beads

Materials Needed:

  • 8 loops of ring memory wire
  • 24 x 8mm glass pearl beads
  • 20 x 3mm plain metal beads
  • 8 x 6mm strong jump rings
  • 4 x glass charms (we used a Santa, a holly, a snowman and a Christmas tree)


Tools Needed:

  • Crimping pliers
  • Twirly wirlies
  • Memory wire cutters


Step 1. Pick up the ring memory wire and cut it down into sections of about two loops. As the wire is hardened, you will need to use stronger cutters, such as memory wire cutters (or ‘borrow’ your partner’s tools!). Using your twirly wirlie pliers, place the end of the wire about 10mm up the jaw of the pliers, and roll the wire into a loop. You need the loop to be completely closed – as it is a hardened wire, you’ll need to use a little strength.





Step 2. Thread onto your memory wire:

– an 8mm glass pearl bead

– a 3mm plain metal bead

Repeat this process (we alternated reds and greens) until you have five metal beads on your wire. Finish with one more glass pearl bead. Leave a gap of 8mm and cut off the excess wire.




Step 3. Turn a loop in the end of the memory wire as in step 1, so that none of the beads will fall off.







Step 4. Open up one of the jump rings and attach to one of the loops on the end of the memory wire, then close securely. Open up another jump ring and thread onto the previous jump ring.







Step 5. Whilst the second jump ring is still open, thread on one of the glass charms, then close securely.

Repeat this process to make several different wine charms, depending on how many people you have in your group. They’re also a great gift idea either as a craft project, or as a finished product. Ensure the glass charms are removed before glasses are washed, as the water can be damaging to the beads.

Eureka! Beads are a regular exhibitor at our craft events and will be coming to Brisbane Craft & Quilt Fair and Melbourne Craft and Sewing Show. You can also view their website which has a great range of projects and products at

Below are some other ideas for charms:


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