Christmas Projects for the Kids

Judy Hall shares some Christmas themed projects! These Nifty Notions projects are designed so that, with your encouragement, the very young can make them for the Christmas tree or to wear! Budding young crafters can enjoy the experience of being creative and crafty, under supervision because a hot iron is used.

Christmas Baubles

You will need:

  • One 20cm square of each of the following: – Inn-Spire – main fabric – lining fabric
  • Two 20cm square Heat ‘n Bond Ultra-Hold Stabilizer
  • Scissors and glue
  • Cord or braid


Decorate the Christmas tree with baubles made with two circles of prepared fabric as follows:

  1. Following the instructions on the Heat ‘n’ Bond pack, iron them on to the wrong side of each of the main and lining fabrics. Remove the backing paper.
  2. Make a sandwich with the Inn-Spire square in between the two stabilized sides of fabrics.
  3. Using a low heat setting on the iron, press lightly with steam for 8 – 10 seconds. Do not drag the iron over the fabric, but lift and press to fuse. Flip over and repeat on the other side but lightly pressing for only 4 – 5 seconds.
  4. Allow to cool for 5mins. Check that it is all fused and if not, repeat the pressing.
  5. Two circles may be the size of any small item you may have to trace around eg. salt and pepper shakers, Vegemite jar etc. Scissor cut the radius of each circle, taking out a very fine wedge, to allow a small space between the cut edges.
  6. Place one slit into the other, forming a three-dimensional bauble.
  7. Glue a round cord or braid around the circles having the second circle with an extended cord to form a loop to hang on the tree. (Click on the images to see larger size.)
Cut the circles, tracing the outline with a jar or glass
Cut a fine wedge
Slot the two pieces together
Trim the edges with braid

  Decorate a T-Shirt You will need:

  • One T-Shirt
  • Coloured pencils
  • Textile Medium
  • Fabric glue
  • Glitzy braid for trim (optional)
  • Foil glue and craft foils (optional)

Method: In a previous Nifty Notions column – Which Marker?, I gave details of faux appliqué. Using that method, children of all ages can draw or trace a design onto a T-Shirt or singlet top, then colour in using regular pencils. Paint the finished surface with Textile Medium to make the image permanent for safe laundering. In our sample, pencils were dipped in water so as shading became similar to using paints. Using fabric glue, trim with glitzy braids for Christmas sparkle. I have kept the design super simple so as children will see how easy the design should be. Let them be creative and have some fun. Make sure a piece of cardboard is placed inside the T-Shirt whilst colouring in and painting the Textile Medium on to the fabric. Foil Glue may be applied to define lines and foil ironed over the top, giving it some pizazz. Instructions are on the bottle. Alternative: Applying Hot-Fix Crystals is ideal for Christmas gems too. Crystal stencils are available to decorate a T-Shirt as well.


We hope you enjoy creating some or all of these projects. My talented granddaughter, Kirsten, free-hand drew the baubles on the t-shirt. I wish you Season’s Greetings and a safe and happy holiday. Merry Christmas. Products are available from good haberdashery retail outlets or from Punch with Judy, a regular exhibitor at the Craft & Quilt Fairs and Stitches & Craft Shows. Or visit  


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