Clever Clip Idea

If you sew, then you will probably be familiar with the bird’s nest effect created by threaded bobbins when tossed together in storage. If you’d like to feel a little less chaotic and have your bobbins all beautifully behaved, neatly waiting for use and without the usual thread tangle, then check out this clever clip idea, designed by a Queensland quilter.


It’s called the Bobbin Huggee and is the brainchild of Brearne Lyon of Ceebee Quilts. This simple plastic clip (the best ideas are always simple, aren’t they) fits over the bobbin and keeps the threads under control. There are three sizes to fit different bobbins, and the white clip fits over some thread spools too.

Not only is the Bobbin Huggee designed locally but it is also Australian made. Well done Brearne!

Meet Brearne and see the Huggees at the Brisbane Craft & Quilt Fair, on October 5 to 9, 2016. Ceebee Quilts, Stand J02.

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16 thoughts on “Clever Clip Idea”

    1. I’ve purchased a number of packets of these over time, and will be buying some more this time. Best thing since sliced bread.

    1. Hi Dianne, you can purchase my Huggees through my Facebook page or my Etsy Store, Ceebee Quilts. They cost $10.00/packet.


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