Into Craft chats with Julia

There’s no doubt MasterChef runner-up contestant Julia Taylor loves creating sweet treats. But what drives her and who inspires her?

Julia is currently working crazy hours in an apprenticeship position with Adriano Zumbo – patissier extraordinaire. But we were able to corner her for a quick chat. Julia will soon be heading to The Stitches & Craft Shows in Sydney and Brisbane for her Sugar Craft Masterclasses and demonstrations.


What is your favourite sweet obsession to a) cook and b) eat?

At the moment I’m obsessed with caramels and candies. Playing with sugar is a creative outlet for me because it’s like magic, watching something white and dry transform into so many different sweets. I definitely need to share them afterwards though!


Was there any one standout moment during your Masterchef experience that changed the way you prepare a dish?

Watching Adriano Zumbo wheel in a centerpiece ‘cake’ that had about 10 different cakes stacked on top of each other was a pretty huge moment. It left me feeling so inspired to go out there and tackle challenges that looked as impossible as that construction.



If you had to credit one person who has influenced you throughout your food-journey to date, who would he/she be?

I’ve cooked from Mum’s Margaret Fulton cookbook since I was eight and it gave me my love of desserts and baking. It’s such a classic for basic recipes that still work today and are still relevant – I think Margaret is fantastic.



What do you most enjoying about your cooking demonstrations?

I love demonstrations because it’s a chance to interact with people about their love – or frustrations(!) – with cooking and to show a few tips and tricks.

And least?

The least is probably the clean up – I’ll always find icing somewhere in my hair at night too.


If you want to catch Julia’s demonstrations or secure a limited place in her Masterclass at The Stitches & Craft Shows in Sydney or Brisbane in 2013, get all the details and you can also book your ticket on the Show website.


















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