Crafty Wraps!

You don’t have to spend up big to have sensational looking gift wrap – stick to brown paper packages and tie them with unique crafty style. Simply delve into your craft stash and use whatever you find!


Here are some ideas (clockwise from left):


1. Tie up your package with ribbon then attach a tassel to a key ring. Tie this onto the ribbon for a practical bonus gift that looks gorgeous!

2. Wrap some leftover knitting yarn around the package, tie a knot and leave long ends. Thread one end of the yarn into a needle, push the needle through two or three felt beads, or any other kind of large bead you have, and knot the yarn to keep the beads in place. Repeat on the other end of the yarn.

3. Using double-sided tape, stick pompoms onto your package for a fun textured gift topper.

4. Use up those scraps of lace, ric-rac braid and buttons. Double-sided tape will fix the buttons in place and sticky tape will fix the lace and ric-rac. Tear a strip of fabric, leave the edges raw and use it instead of ribbon.

5. Tiny scraps of pretty paper can create maximum impact. Cut a strip of handmade Japanese washi paper or a pretty scrapbooking paper that you have left over and tape it around your brown paper package. Tie it with embroidery thread, string, yarn – anything you can find that complements the colour and size of the box. For the finishing touch, thread a few beads onto the ends of the string.


Happy Wrapping!




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