Delightful Neckwear to Knit

The team at Emotive Yarns has submitted this easy to knit, very pretty ‘Cowl’ scarf – just in time for the cold weather! Thurla yarn has a real sense of 1920s flapper style to it. Made with a mesh base and ostrich fringe it knits up beautifully into a simple scarf. Simply pick 2 x 100g balls of Thurla yarn in your favourite colour – there are seven to choose from – find a comfortable space and get knitting.


Cowl (Beginner)


Depth (approx) 25 cms/10 ins
Length 110 cms/43 ins

2 x 100g balls

A pair 5.00mm (US 8), (UK 6) Knitting

A Yarn Needle; Matching plain yarn for
sewing seam.

Note – Correct tension/gauge is not
essential for this item.

St/s – stitch/es, K – Knit, RS – right side,
WS – wrong side, garter st – every row
knit, beg – begin/ning.


We recommend that you do not pull the yarn from the centre of the ball – unwind it from the outside and it will be easier to work with. To join this yarn, just overlap the two yarns by about 10 cms/4ins and knit them both for 2 or 3 stitches. Casting On – Unfold the tape and find the eyelet edge of the yarn (not the feather edge). You will be using these eyelets along the top of the tape to knit into and as your knitting yarn. To cast on, you simply insert the needle into an eyelet approx 3 cms/1 in from the end of your yarn to create the first stitch.
To create the next stitch, insert the needle front to back into an eyelet that is 5cms/2ins away from your first stitch. Repeat this process to cast on each stitch.



Insert your right needle into the next stitch as if to knit. Unfold the tape and find the eyelet edge. Use the eyelet that is 5cms/ 2ins away from you needles
as your knitting yarn and complete your stitch.
Casting Off – Knit two stitches in the above manner. Lift the first stitch over the second and off the needle. Work in this way across the stitches until one stitch remains. Using a yarn needle thread part
of the tape through the last stitch and tighten to cast/bind off.



This tape yarn has a special, yet simple method. Please read through the notes before you start your new project. Using 5.00mm (US 8), (UK 6) Needles,
cast on 12 sts. Work in garter st, knitting into the eyelets on the top edge of the yarn until work measures 110 cms/43 ins from beg, working last row on WS.
Cast/bind off.





DO NOT PRESS. Using yarn needle, darn in ends. Using yarn needle and matching plain yarn, join cast on and cast/bound off edges together to form a circle.


You can also print the instruction sheet off by clicking here




Emotive Yarns sell all kinds of on-trend yarns, needles, hooks and patterns.



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