Perfect for outdoor adventures
Perfect for outdoor adventures

Make this Doggie Jumper

Make sure your pooch is toasty warm this winter – and looking stylish – in this hand knit number.

 by Judy Newman

This stocking stitch pattern with rib bands has been provided by Australian Country Spinners and when I saw it, I just had to knit it for our new pup Kandie – in orange (definitely her colour) with red trim. The roll neck is particularly flattering on a girl with a rather long neck like Kandie.

You can download and print out this pattern here.

I’ve also added her initial K to the pocket in knitting stitch embroidery which is super easy to do and adds a cool personal touch. See the video for how to do this embroidery.

And remember, it is not recommended that dogs exercise while wearing their jumpers to avoid them becoming overheated. Judy Newman

Knitting Stitch embroidery instructions:



Work from the bottom to the top of the design. If necessary, mark the design using a water soluble pen or chalk pencil. Using a tapestry needle and yarn of the same thickness as the fabric, bring the needle up at the base of a V stitch. You will be covering the knitted V with the embroidery. Take the needle across the bar under the stitch above.



Then bring the needle down to the starting point and out at the starting point of the stitch above. Avoid pulling tightly – the tension should be about the same as the original stitch.



Repeat the embroidery on the stitch above.



Continue in this manner changing colour when desired, until your design is complete. Weave ends into the fabric to prevent unravelling.

Here’s a short video of working the knitting stitch embroidery:


If you would like to share pics of your pooch coat, email them in to us at: so we can share them in an upcoming issue!

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3 thoughts on “Doggie Jumper”

  1. Great pattern and looks easy enough. I will knit some jumpers [& encourage my friends also] for the dogs at the Doggie Rescue shelter at Ingleside in Sydney. Those jumpers will make a difference for these poor little guys on these cold and sometimes frosty nights.
    Many thanks for sharing the pattern

  2. Perfect timing to receive your email with the doggie jumper pattern! I just gave my Maltese/Shih Tzu, Max, a short haircut and he is shaking from the cold weather in Canberra! I will be starting this tonight. Thanks

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