Dream Catchers Made Quick

Dream Catcher 2

Add a little boho chic to your bedroom with a dream catcher. Native American legend says that the web will snare any bad dreams while allowing the good ones to pass through the centre hole and flow down the feathery hangings.

I just love the look of them and these easy versions won’t keep you up all night. Plus they are a great way to use those scraps of lace, ribbon and fabrics. Add feathers if you like, but I love raiding the stash and using whatever buttons, flowers and beads I find.

You’ll need:
Embroidery or quilting hoop
Cotton tape or thin braid (optional)
Crocheted doily slightly smaller than the hoop (or larger for the no-sew version)
Needle and thick cotton thread
Beads (with a large hole), buttons, buckles
Ribbon, braid, lace or strips of torn fabric

Make it meaningful by using a doily from your own nanna, or find a lovely vintage one.

Optional: Take the hoop apart and wrap cotton tape or braid around the inside hoop securing it at end with a dot of glue.

Lay the doily in the centre of the inside hoop. Using your needle and thick thread, make a few sturdy stitches in the outer edge of the doily then take the thread over the hoop, wrap it around once then stitch back into the doily. Secure the doily within the hoop in this way, pulling the thread taut so the doily is slightly stretched inside the hoop.Dream Catcher 1

Take the outer hoop and knot strips of lace, ribbon, thread, vintage braid, fabric or cord along the bottom edge of the hoop. Gather a selection of beads and buttons and thread them onto the ends of the strips, knotting them in place. I’ve also attached some vintage buckles and silk flowers.

Once your doily is in place and your streamers are done, place the outer hoop over the inner hoop and tighten the screw, positioning it at the top.

Alternatively, stitch the doily to one hoop and add the decorations to that same hoop knotting the streamers between the thread that holds the doily.

For a no-sew version, use a doily slightly larger than the hoop, add your streamers to the outer hoop then secure the doily between the two hoops.

You might want to add a hanging string at the top. Sweet dreams baby…. 

By Judy Newman

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4 thoughts on “Dream Catchers Made Quick”

    1. This was such fun to make and I managed to pick up some lovely doilies on E-Bay and then just put lots of ribbons and bells and feathers on it. Thank you for this pattern.


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