Embroidered Needlebook

Embroidery Needlebook

Felted wool fabric and wool felt have been used to create these pretty needlebooks. Stitch felted wool and wool felt is a pleasure – the needle glides through the fabric like a hot knife through butter. Very relaxing to stitch and the pieces make a lovely gift for a friend who sews. The cover pieces have torn edges which give a lovely soft edge and as the wool is felted, it will not fray.

By Judy Newman

  • Felted wool fabric and wool felt scraps (you could use just wool felt or just felted wool, or a combination like I did)
  • Sticky tape
  • Stranded embroidery threads and needle to suit
  • Tacky glue

Note. There are two sizes given. Large finished size 12cm x 13cm (small 8.5cm x 9cm). Measurements for small are given in brackets.

Cover: Tear or cut one piece of felted wool fabric 24cm x 13cm (17cm x 9cm).

Needlebook project inside

Lining: Cut one piece of felt 23.5cm x 12.5cm (16.5cm x 8.5cm). (My lining pieces varied in size so just cut them approximately this size and trim as you like.) Place felt together with the lining on the wrong side of the cover piece and baste the pieces together with large running stitches 5mm from the edges.


two sizes needlebook project

Cord ties: Make two lengths of twisted thread cord, 20cm in length for large size book and 16cm in length for small size. To do this, cut a length of thread three times (3x) the length needed. Attach one end to your work surface with sticky tape. Take the free end and twist it in one direction until it is tightly twisted up, then pick it up halfway along the length and allow it to twist around itself. Cut the length required and knot the ends.

Fold a length of cord in half and stitch in place at the centre of the Front Cover edge on the wrong side. Stitch the remaining length on the Back Cover edge in the same way.

Embroidery and felt projectCut out the two appliqué shapes (you can use the pattern by clicking here)  be sure your printer is set to Landscape orientation and A4 size, then cut out in contrast colours of wool fabric. Place on the cover pieces as desired, securing with tiny spots of tacky glue to hold the pieces in place.
Using one or two strands of embroidery thread in a contrasting colour, blanket stitch or whipstitch the pieces in place.

Embroider decorative details using the picture as a guide and stitches of your choice, taking care not to sttich through the lining.

Fniished embroidery needlework project

Using two strands of embroidery thread, work running stitches around the appliqué and/or around the edges of the covers. Make sure to work at least one row of running stitch to catch the felt lining in place. Remove the basting stitches.

Work a running stitch border through both layers, around the felt lining edge if desired (see image of smaller version).

Book Pages: Cut one piece of felt or felted wool 23cm x 11.5cm (15cm x 7cm). Fold it in half across the shorter side and work a line of backstitch at the fold to stitch it in place and complete the project.

NOTE. You can make your own felted wool by washing woven woollen fabric in the washing machine on the hot cycle and normal wash. Then pop it in the dryer. In other words, wash it in exactly the wrong way for wool!

Wool felt fabric is a non-woven fabric. You can buy acrylic felt too but wool has a much nicer hand.


By Judy Newman

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  1. What a pleasant little pastime, to embroider this cute little needle book….one I will be doing soon, sitting in airconditioned comfort over this long hot summer…


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