Embroidered Place Setting


Make dinner special with this embroidered table linen designed by Paula Storm.

This project was created with the Husqvarna Viking Topaz 25 but can also be worked freemotion. Or if you are into hand embroidery you could trace off the pattern and work it in backstitch and satin stitch.

If you’d like to get into machine embroidery, Husqvarna Viking are offering an amazing deal on their Topaz 25 machine at our Sydney Craft & Quilt Fair (June 22-26, 2016). Scroll to the bottom of this story for details.

Placemat finished size: 13” x 15”

Napkin finished size: 16” square


  • 1 x 60cm x width of fabric, loose weave linen fabric
  • 1 x variegated thread – I used Wonderfil Mirage #26
  • 1 x thread that closely matches the background fabric
  • Regular 80 needle, Wing Needle and Embroidery Needle
  • Water soluble stabiliser
  • Water soluble marker

Cutting guide:


Creating the Placemat:

  • Start by giving your fabrics a really good press, I also like to use spray starch when pressing.
  • Using the cutting guide as reference cut the fabric into 3 pieces.
  • Cut a piece of Interfacing to the same size as the placemat fabric.


Machine embroidery:

  • Put an embroidery needle in your machine.
  • Hoop up your fabric and interfacing for the Placemat, making sure you hoop up the fabric on the left hand side. The hooping doesn’t need to be perfect but do try and get it straight, make sure you have at least 4” on the top, bottom and left hand side of the fabric for squaring up later.
  • Embroider the design: If you are using an embroidery machine download the digital Dandelion design here, design number 51 or hand draw the design in pencil or marker, freemotion stitch by machine.
  • Take the fabric out of the hoop and if machining, peel off the excess interfacing.
  • Gently hand wash the piece to remove the remaining interfacing. Dry flat on a towel.
  • With a water soluble marker, draw a rectangle around the design (keep the design to the left of the placemat) that measures 12” x 14”. Try and keep this rectangle as square as possible to the grain so the fabric will fray evenly. This is your sewing line, so make sure you have an extra 1” around the entire piece for the fray.
  • Put a Wing Needle in your machine.
  • If you have a Topaz 25, switch your stitch to the heirloom stitch on row 3 Number 33, otherwise use any hemstitch. Stitch around the placemat on the drawn line.
  • Using the stitching as a guide, trim your place mat giving it a 1” border outside the stitching line.
  • Pull out the threads to create the fray.


Creating the Napkin:

  • Cut out an 18” square from the napkin fabric.
  • Fold over a ½” seam allowance and press with steam. Turn over a second ½” seam to contain the raw edges and again press with seam.
  • Put a regular needle in your machine. Choose a needle that suits your fabric.
  • Open the second seam you ironed back up and fold the fabric diagonally. Using a matching thread stitch across the corner to create a mitred corner. Trim the excess seam allowance and press the seam open. Turn the piece in the right way and repeat on the remaining 3 corners. Press the piece well.
  • If you have a Topaz 25 machine, switch your stitch to the heirloom stitch on row 4 Number 46. For other machines, use any hemstitch. Stitch around the napkin close to the hemmed edge pivoting at the corners.

Creating the Napkin Ring:

  • Cut out a rectangle 8” x 2 ½”. Try and keep this as square to the fabric grain as possible so it will fray nicely.

-To work 4 rows of decorative hem stitch along the length if using a Topaz 25 machine:

  • Draw a guideline every ½” down the length of the piece.
  • Place a piece of water soluble stabiliser behind the piece. (When lightly washed out this will give the napkin ring a little stiffness to make it stand up.)
  • Put a Wing Needle in your machine.
  • Switch your stitch to the heirloom stitch on row 3 Number 33. Using this stitch sew each line (4 rows total) you traced on the fabric.

-Alternatively: Work 4 rows of any decorative stitching.

  • Fray the top and bottom of the Napkin ring.
  • Put your regular needle back in your machine and set it to a straight stitch.
  • At one end fold a ½” seam over so the fabric is RIGHT sides together. Using your matching thread, stitch the seam allowance in place. This will conceal the raw edge in the finished piece.
  • Later you will fold the opposite end to the wrong side by a ½” and hand stitch it in place over this first seam. For now though set this piece aside.

-Butterfly embroidery using a Topaz 25:

  • Put an embroidery needle in your machine.
  • Hoop up a piece of water soluble stabilizer.
  • The butterfly designs (numbers 12 and 13) need to be reduced in size to the smallest they will go.
    Butterfly #12 will be reduced to 67 wide by 81 high.
    Butterfly #13 will be reduced to 60 wide by 66 high.
    The Butterfly designs are both appliqué designs. I used the same linen fabric as the appliqué fabric.
    To make the appliqué butterflies, stitch out the first colour, place a piece of the linen on top of the design and stitch out the second colour. After the second colour stitches out trim the fabric back to the stitching line. You can take the hoop out of the machine to make the trimming easier, but don’t take the stabilizer out of the hoop! Put the hoop back in the machine and finish stitching out the design.
  • Repeat with the second butterfly again making sure to reduce the design. You will need to rehoop the stabilizer for the second design.
  • Tear away as much of the stabilizer from around the butterflies as you can (don’t wash it away yet).
  • Place the smaller butterfly on top of the larger one and pin it, centred, onto the long strip.
  • Using a regular needle, satin stitch and the variegated thread, attach the butterflies to the napkin ring strip.


  • Hand wash the napkin ring until the stabilizer has just dissolved. Place the piece between the layers of a folded towel and press to remove as much of the water as possible. Leave the piece to dry completely.
  • Fold the raw edge back a ½” with WRONG sides together and press. Place this seam over the opposite end, overlap them so the seam allowances are not on top of each other and hand stitch in place.

I hope you enjoy your new place setting! Hugs Paula

LINK to digital file for machine embroidery: download the digital Dandelion design here.

LINK to pdf file for freemotion or hand embroidery click here

Thank you to Husqvarna Viking for making the digital download of the embroidery design available to all, for personal use only. Please do not copy or use for commercial use.

The Designer TOPAZ 25 by Husqvarna Viking, a sewing and embroidery machine, is on special at only $1999! That’s 50% off the normal RRP OF $3999!


Come to the Sydney Craft & Quilt Fair and test drive the Topaz at our stand #B76. Paula will be demonstrating machine techniques at 11am and 2pm daily.

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