Book review: Gingermelon’s Embroidered Animals

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Shelly Down is a doll and soft toy designer who works from her studio in the corner of the dining room in her apartment in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada. Her sweet, whimsical designs are inspired by the adorable Chibis found in Japanese manga art. Shelly has had an Etsy shop established for the past 10 years and this is her follow up to her first book My Felt Doll that was published in 2015.
In this book there are 10 dolls to make in total. Each one uses the same basic doll pattern, only the ears have been changed on each doll to reflect their individual character. The faces have also been embroidered with slightly different patterns.
The basic doll is reasonably easy to sew and then you have the fun job of creating a wardrobe for each of the characters. Shelly has sewn the clothes using a range of fabrics from cotton and lawn to lightweight suede and wool felt. Because the dolls are all the same pattern it means that you can choose to sew any of the clothes for your animal or make them all and have a mix and match wardrobe!
Shelly utilises a range of machine and hand sewing techniques to create the dolls and clothes. You are supported in your sewing journey with clear hand-drawn step-by-step illustrations and all patterns are provided actual size so you don’t need to enlarge them. There is also the option to download and print them from the weblink provided in the book.
You will have hours of fun creating adorable creatures thanks to this beautiful book.

Joe Cunningham profileJoe Cunningham profile

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