Gorgeous Garland Project

When you have an easy way to cut out multiple shapes in fabric – and cut out those shapes in no time – it opens up a world of creative possibility.

Gorgeous Garland Project

Blessington’s Designer Diva, Mandy Murray has been experimenting with the Accuquilt GO! Fabric Cutter and look what she’s created. This amazing cutting machine is designed to cut fabric and allows quilters to cut multiple layers at one time, safely, quickly and accurately.

Simply choose your colour scheme and get started making your very own garland – they’re a great decorative addition to all types of celebrations.

Gorgeous Garland Project Gorgeous Garland Project

This garland is made from fabric; each shape is double-sided, achieved by fusing two layers together fusible webbing. The shapes are simply cut out then a ribbon is stitched down the centre of each shape. You can cut your own shapes for this project – the method is simple, but it will just take more time.

To download and print Mandy’s instruction sheet, click here.


You will need:

  • Accuquilt GO! Fabric Cutter AQ55100 or GO! -Baby Fabric Cutter AQ55300
  • Dies:
    – AQ55045 Rose of Sharon
    – AQ55325 Queen of Hearts
    – AQ55012 Circle – 2″, 3″, 5″
    – AQ55352 Bird
  • Cutting Mats:
    – AQ55137 6 × 6
    – AQ55110 5 × 10
    – AQ55112 6 × 12
  • Sewing machine (Mandy used a Pfaff)
  • P8206140-96 Pfaff decorative trim foot
  • 5.5m satin ribbon 6mm wide
  • 10cm of 5 various coordinating quilting fabrics
  • 10cm plain homespun
  • 10cm script fabric or similar
  • 10cm music note fabric or similar
  • 1m fusible web
  • Thread to match ribbon



Step 1: Fold your fabric in half crosswise, wrong sides together. Cut the fusible web the same size as the folded fabric.

Step 2: Place the fusible web inside the folded material. Iron together and repeat with all of the fabric strips.

Step 3: Using the GO! Fabric Cutter or GO! Baby and the Bird die, cut the music note fabric. You should get approximately eight birds.

Tip: Fold material in half and cut numerous layers at one time!

Gorgeous Garland Project Gorgeous Garland Project

Step 4: Using the plain homespun and script fabric cut out shapes using the 3″ circle die.

Step 5: With the remainder of fabric, cut a mixture of shapes using the Rose of Sharon and Queen of Hearts dies.

 Tip: Cut the largest shapes first and use the scraps to cut the small hearts and 2″ flowers, reducing fabric wastage!

 Step 6: Divide shapes into three and lay them out as a guide for positioning. The circles and birds should be scattered throughout the bright colours to add contrast and visual appeal.

Gorgeous Garland ProjectStep 7: Attach decorative trim foot to your sewing machine as per manufacturers’ instructions.

Step 8: Cut the silk ribbon into three equal lengths. Feed one piece of ribbon through the decorative trim foot and measure 15cm down.

Step 9: Place your first shape under the ribbon and stitch down the centre with locking stitches either side.

Gorgeous Garland Project Gorgeous Garland Project Gorgeous Garland Project

Step 10: Leave approximately 3cm space between the shapes and repeat Step 9 until 15cm of ribbon is remaining. Trim threads.

Gorgeous Garland Project

Finishing Touches:

Try sewing some buttons onto the centres of the flowers, or tie the lengths of ribbon together with bows to make one long piece. All that remains is deciding where to hang your gorgeous garland.

Gorgeous Garland Project

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