Profile: Ségolaine Schweitzer

French textile artist, Ségolaine Schweitzer, works on wool, using charming rustic stitches and an unexpected array of threads and knitting yarns.


Ségolaine is an embroiderer, quilter and designer. She creates bags, jackets, quilts and wall hangings, and specialises in working with wool. In particular she loves creating with reclaimed woollen fabrics, stitching and embellishing, patchworking, and layering. Ségolaine is passionate about giving new life to fabrics which have had a previous purpose. Ségolaine observes the seasons and nature, to find inspiration and beauty which she channels into her recycled textile creations. 

“I have always loved to patch up and tinker with all sorts of materials and in the end, textiles won the game, especially embroidery and cross stitch, sewing, quilting and patchwork.”

“The path I followed up until today led me from mottled fabrics to woollens with a detour to learn fast cutting techniques and machine piecing under the guidance of Christine Meynier, back to hand stitching with embellishment embroidery when discovering Léa Stansal’s work. All these years, a wide variety of materials passed through my hands, such as cotton, silk, ribbon and all sorts of unlikely threads, until, finally, wool commanded my attention and … I looped the loop!” she says.

“I am now absorbed in salvaging woollens and wool threads that have lived a previous life and can be transformed with thread as a link,” Ségolaine says.

We recently hosted Ségolaine as our guest at the Sydney Craft & Quilt Fair, with her decorative textile panels inspired by the seasons, embellished wool garments, accessories, framed textile pictures and wall hangings. If you missed her work in Sydney, check out her beautiful books A Trip around the Wool, and A Trip around the Wool continues, published by Quiltmania Editions. The books will be on sale at Can Do Books at Melbourne and Canberra Craft & Quilt Fairs. 

Stitch with wool.
Enjoy the soft hand and the ease of stitching …


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