Houston, We Have A Quilter!

Karen Nyberg Flickr NASA 2Explore – Astronaut and Quilter

Yes, we know Houston has plenty of quilters, but we’re not talking about the quilt show… this woman has taken her quilting into outer space. Thanks to NASA for providing images.

Isn’t it great when you have a portable craft project? I’m sure many of you have enjoyed a little knitting to do in a meeting, some stitching on the sideline while watching the kids play soccer, and a long plane trip is a great place to get stuck into your crochet.

 by Judy Newman

So, how about a little quilting while you’re spending a few months at the International Space Station on a second mission in space? That’s exactly what Karen Nyberg, mother, keen sewer, quilter, mechanical engineer and …NASA astronaut is doing! Karen is sewing in between her duties as a flight engineer.

Expedition 36 began in May and concludes in September so we’d expect Karen to make quite a bit of progress in that time. We just hope that she keeps the pins and needles – even those little bits of thread contained – imagine the trouble that could cause floating about in the zero gravity atmosphere.

Karen Nyberg looks through the window
Star patterns like this vintage piece would be a fitting theme for Karen.
Spending a little Saturday afternoon down time in her zero-gravity sewing space

Perhaps this will serve to blast off some of the stereotypes about women who like to sew and quilt being homebodies.

What would you suggest Karen works on while in space? …There are certainly plenty of star patterns.

Read more about Karen and see pictures of her at these links.


Profile of Karen Nyberg, astronaut and quilter


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By Judy Newman


Images of Karen courtesy: NASA for Expedition 36.

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