Inner Journeys

Six South Australian textile artists (known as the SAlt group) have created an exhibition of work themed Inner Journeys.The new exhibition invites the viewer to explore, ponder, reflect and perhaps, become inspired. Finding one’s identity, creative, emotional or spiritual home can be a lifelong journey and each is very personal. This exhibition at times confronts yet can reveal the concealed power of an inner journey.  Coming to Brisbane Craft & Quilt Fair October 5 to 9 and then on November 3 to 6 to Adelaide Craft & Quilt Fair … read more.



Artist Statement – Julie Haddrick

In the art of Julie Haddrick, nothing is unnecessary. Her disciplined approach features careful designing and restrained use of colour and materials. Julie embraces the Japanese philosophy of ‘Wabi Sabi’; beauty in imperfection, resonating in her choice of subject matter, themes and media. Julie hand dyes, prints and paints fabrics, often combining or layering them with vintage Japanese cloth. Her stitching is measured, decorative and purposeful. An award winning artist, Julie is passionate about art, textiles and teaching, exhibiting widely, touring in juried exhibitions here and overseas. An accomplished and sought after art quilt teacher and pattern designer of 40+ patterns she manages ‘Haddrickonfabric’.


Artist Statement – Wendy Thiele

New to the world of art quilting, cloth has finally become a canvas Wendy can ‘paint on’. Visual arts trained, Wendy rediscovered the passion and energy generated by the act of creating – capturing colour and form; conveying self.

Wendy’s quilting embraces simplicity of form and a unique style of ‘quilt building’. From a basic concept she resolves challenges of design, colour and form as the quilt emerges. Vintage kimono fabrics are a feature of her work along with narrow machine piecing, raw and turned edge appliqué and machine stitching to define and draw.


Artist Statement – Judi Bushby

Cloth, old and new, pattern, line, texture and colour: all are words that inspire and guide Judi’s art practice. Travel, Japan and indigo: these too are words that inspire and guide her work.

Exploring and discovering new possibilities and techniques whilst grounded in fibre-based traditions, enables Judi to seek new opportunities to increase her knowledge of these traditions.

Maintaining a reverence for the cloth, the ability to create new from old or adapt and alter new cloth by a diverse array of techniques, including but not limited to dyeing and hand stitch is what keeps Judi excited and playful. This is the magic and mystique.


Artist Statement – Suzanne Gummow

Suzanne Gummow is a passionate textile artist and visual arts educator. Her own art practice is inspired by her travels, soaking up the experiences of many cultures. Suzanne creates textile works that involve hand and machine embroidery, embellishment, collage, layering and with the gleam of metallics. She exhibits locally, nationally and overseas.


Artist Statement – Francie Mewett

The inspiration for Francie Mewett’s art is her passion for the colours and textures found on her travels. Using her own photographs as a design source, Francie intuitively transforms the base fabric with layering and stitch, thus, the mood is set. Francie is well known for the painstaking detail in her hand stitching. The process of creating a textile work is a peaceful, reflecting and rewarding time for her.

Sarah-Bell-Smith-Artist Statement – Sarah Bell Smith

Sarah Bell Smith’s art is inspired by her life; identity, relationships, personal experiences and her love of nature. Her work is colour filled, bold and graphic, drawing on the discipline of Sarah’s visual art training. She takes an artistic approach with the use of bold colours and carefully chosen symbols, text or images. Sarah extensively researches with each piece, photographing, documenting ideas, drawing, creating colour swatches and stitching samples. Sarah Bell Smith’s evolving art practice sustains her and it is her life.


The Inner Journeys exhibition is currently touring with Expertise Events and will be shown in various locations including:

New Zealand:
Claudelands Events Centre, Hamilton, September 1 – 4
Te Rauparaha Arena, Porirua, Wellington, September 8 – 10

Brisbane Craft & Quilt Fair, Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, October 5 – 9
The Stitches & Craft Show, Caulfield Racecourse, Melbourne, October 20 – 23
Adelaide Craft & Quilt Fair, Adelaide Event & Exhibition Centre, Wayville, November 3 – 6
Hobart Craft & Quilt Fair, Derwent Entertainment Centre, February 17 – 19, 2017

For more information on each of these events, visit

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