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Rosehill Stitches & Craft is home to the Texstyle exhibition in March 2018. High school students and teachers of Textiles & Design should book your places now.

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Rosehill Stitches & Craft has workshops and seminars for students and teachers PLUS a special exhibition of the HSC Major Textile Project Works of Excellence. If you know a student of Textiles & Design, attending the display and seminar is an excellent way to assist them in their major work.

Julia Wehbe 5ss

Above: Garment and portfolio by Julia Wehbe

Student seminars Thursday and Friday, March 8 – 9, 2018

Seminar times: 10am, 11.30am and 12.45pm

The seminar focuses on the development and production of the Major Textile Project (MTP) with a focus on proficiency, creative and innovation in relation to the Stage 6 Textiles and Design Syllabus and Marking Guidelines. $15 per student plus entry fee to the show.

Teacher Seminar Saturday, March 10, 2018

Seminar time: 10am to 1pm

Running in conjunction with the 2018 TEXSTYLE Exhibition and presented by an experienced HSC Textiles & Design teacher, this seminar will focus on classroom management of the Major Textiles Project MTP. The seminar will impart detailed information and provide relevant experience to give participants a deep understanding of what is required for the Stage 6 Textiles and Design MTP. Teachers will learn about management and teaching strategies that can be utilised in the classroom. Seminar fee is $35 per participant plus entry fee to the show.

After the seminar, students and teachers will have the opportunity to view and analyse the exhibition showcasing the 2017 Textiles and Design HSC MTP Works of Excellence!

Visit for more information and tickets to the show!

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Above: Work by Ellinore Frederick
Emily Louise Jego-Rolfe 3
Above: Work by Emily Louise Jego-Rolfe
Felicity Annabel Lessing 1
Above: Work by Felicity Annabel Lessing

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