Inspired by a Farming Life

Tanya Stubbles’ art incorporates an entangled yet intuitive mix of materials designed to invoke a sentimental journey through iconic Australian pastimes.

Her creative desire was kindled in her childhood as she stood in Arthur Boyd’s studio watching him splash paint around a canvas with a freedom she found intoxicating.


Growing up on a farm, Tanya was taught many crafts by her mother and grandmother. She says, “We had sheep and goats on the property and every year there was always an abundance of fleece to work with. I believe learning such a myriad of textile crafts influenced my artistic style immensely. Especially my wood works – I see them like woven threads.”

Tanya’s palette has included metal, wire, recycled timber, wax, paint, desert grasses and more. She explains, “I’m always searching for new materials and inspiration. My time is spent looking through council clean ups, op shops and junk yards. I enjoy the precious beauty in weathered paint surfaces, rusty metals and materials that have history. I’ve worked with everything from typewriter keys, old board games, piano parts, car doors, old weatherboards and broken dolls.” She continues, “Often I’ll have an idea or a theme for a series and search for materials which translate that idea.”

Despite her brush with iconic artist Arthur Boyd, she credits her mum and grandmother as her real mentors for providing such a rich, creative environment. Tanya also affectionately talks about her sculpture teacher, Kevin Norton, who was “very influential as he had wonderful sensibilities and really taught me to have a discerning eye” and one of her best friends, “Deirdre Arthur Armstrong, who helped me believe in myself”.

Tanya Stubbles acknowledges that in order to get the best from yourself creatively you should do what you love, believe in yourself, define your own personal language, always strive to do your very best and never, never, never give up.

To see Tanya Stubbles on ABC’s Art Nation, go to Art Nation – Tanya Stubbles

For more information visit Tanya Stubbles website.


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