iPad Cover Project

Here’s a funky way to protect that oh so important mobile device! Marianne Roberts made hers with some jelly roll strips in just a couple of hours one Sunday. This is the perfect afternoon project and makes a great Christmas gift too.

By Marianne Roberts

Finished project size: 22cm (8 3/4in) x 30cm (12in)

You will need:

  • Six assorted 2 ½in strips of fabric cut across the width
  • Fat quarter of tone-on-tone print for lining
  • 15in x 30in (38cm x 76cm) rectangle of Pellon
  • Two shank or sew-through buttons ¾in (2cm) diameter (shank buttons are better)
  • 16in (40cm) ribbon 3/8in (1cm) wide
  • Neutral-coloured thread for piecing
  • Rotary cutter, ruler and mat
  • Sewing machine
  • General sewing supplies

Hint: If you’re using jelly roll strips, you could make two in almost the same time it takes to make one!

Trim each of the six 2½in strips to 21in (the spare set of six strips can be made into a second iPad cover).
From the fat quarter: cut one 12½in x 20in rectangle for the lining.
From the Pellon: cut one 14in x 2in rectangle.

Note: Seam allowances of 1/4in are used throughout the project.
Hint: Before you start machine piecing, clean your sewing machine and replace the needle.

Outer Construction
Lay out the 14in x 21in Pellon rectangle with the long edges on either side. Place a 2½in fabric strip on the Pellon, right side up, aligning the long edge of the strip with the left-hand long edge of the Pellon and the short edge of the strip aligned with the short edge at the top of the Pellon.
Then place a second 2½in strip over the first one with the wrong side facing up.
Sew along the right-hand edge of the strips, through the Pellon then open out the upper strip and finger-press the seam.
Then place a third strip over the second strip, again aligning the long edges then stitch through the strips and Pellon, then open out the strip as before.
Continue the process with the remaining two strips to completely cover the Pellon.
Press the unit from the top side only then turn it over and trim it to 12½in x 20in.
Place the 12½in x 20in rectangle of lining fabric on the pieced outer unit with right sides together. With the lining fabric uppermost, sew around the edges, starting half way down one long side and leaving a 2½in space in the seam to turn the piece through.
Trim the corners then turn the piece through, pushing out the corners to ensure they are sharp then press the piece on both sides, taking care to press in the seam allowance from the opening.
To make the pocket, lay out the piece with the lining facing up then fold the short edge up 8¼in. Pin it in position then topstitch 1/8in on each side.
Measure across the upper edge of the pocket, mark the half-way point then stitch a button in the centre, 3½in down from the edge. Then stitch a second button on the outer edge of the flap 1in from the edge.
Cut each edge of the ribbon at an angle then tie it at one end around the button on the flap with a secure knot.

Place your iPad in the pocket and wind the ribbon around the buttons, figure-eight style and your project is done!

Copyright. For personal use only. Marianne Roberts

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