Kokedamas? … no dramas


Kokedama is one of the many new trends people are enjoying learning

What is Kokedama anyway? 

These cool hanging plants are a Japanese art form, meaning moss ball. They’re a hanging plant but the container is made of moss rather than a pot, and the moss ball is then wrapped in twine. Colourful twines and strings can be used making them look funky and decorative. And you don’t have to hang them – they can line up on a shelf and sit pretty too!

Kokedama is a cool decorative accent and a way to bring the garden indoors, particularly in small spaces where potted plants aren’t practical. Succulents and ferns are good candidates. Creating kokedamas doesn’t take a long but there are a few handy tips and tricks that make it easier.

At several recent craft events, we’ve been running classes on this cool garden craft. Perth classes sold out. Queenslanders enjoyed them at the Brisbane Stitches & Craft Show.

For our latest Studio workshops on kokedama, weaving, dyeing, calligraphy and more, visit these pages:

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Don’t they look cool dressed up in coloured string!


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