Mini Hoops

Mini hoop with stitched motifThese tiny hoops are actually little frames for stitched motifs. They can be made into brooches or pendants – what a perfect gift! The mini hoops also look great filled with a fussy-cut fabric motif, a piece of a map, stamp or decorative paper.

Create your own motif for stitching or use mine. Use an actual embroidery hoop to work your stitches – these minis are purely decorative.

By Judy Newman

You’ll need:
A mini hoop kit
Background fabric
Pencil or marking pen
Crewel needle
Six stranded embroidery thread or Perle 5 thread in colours of your choice
Strong glue
Brooch pin or chain for pendant (some kits include a brooch pin)1

1. Draw around the back circle and mark your design in the centre of the circle.


2. Stitch using one strand of thread and following the diagram for stitches or choose your own. Wash or water spray to remove the transfer markings.


3. Trim approximately 7mm outside the circle then place the centre plate on the wrong side of the stitched piece. Insert it into the hoop, with the screw of the hoop at the top and tighten gently. Push centre plate into position. Run a line of glue around the centre plate and turn the excess fabric onto the glue – a toothpick or skewer is handy for this task. Add glue to the edge of the wrong side of the backing plate. Place it onto the back of the hoop, aligning the notch with the screw.

Mini hoop with stitched motif

4. To make a brooch, glue a brooch pin onto the backing plate. To make a pendant, thread the hoop onto a chain.

Other ideas: Use your hoop to frame an embroidery, a favourite fabric, or insert a circle cut from a map or a stamp and you’ll have a unique wearable in no time.

Click here for my patterns.

Where to buy Mini Hoop kits?

These mini hoops were purchased from Studio Mio who exhibit at selected craft events.

Handy LINKS for stitching:

Here’s our sheet of stitch instructions, click this link.

DMC threads have a nice stitch guide with lots of tips.

Red Brolly has great stitch tutorials on their website here.

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One thought on “Mini Hoops”

  1. I have already purchased a set of 10 of these on line. The delivery was very prompt and also came with some free material perfect to use in the hoops (with very small pictures on). Thanks also for the great free embroidery patterns. I plan to make a ladybird for a friend who loves them. I can’t wait to start making these as brooches, for Christmas presents and to take as presents on an overseas trip (will embroider some native flowers).


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