Mood Board Inspiration

This year’s winter palette has incorporated a richness of colours that jump out of the greys to brighten our days.

by Mindy Cook

One of these colours is purple; from warm to cool, light to dark, from boysenberry, violet and royal purple to lavender and lilac, purple commands focus by virtue of its uncommon nature.
The richer, darker shade of violet is associated with spiritual fulfillment and is said to be a powerful colour if we want to maximise our inspiration and imagination to the fullest, calm overactivity, gain balance in our life or help lift us from the grips of depression.

Here are some lovely purple products we’ve unearthed for you to use in your wintry projects!


Whether wearing it, carrying it or incorporating it into the home, try the following colour combinations:

Deep purple with lime, mustard, brick red, flax yellow.

Lilac purple with white, mossy green, violet, beige, grey.


  1. Jane Davenport face stencil kits
  2. Kaalund Yarns 8 ply wool yarn in agapantha and amethyst
  3. Craft Queen washi tape
  4. Wedding shoes with bling by Parisxox
  5. Knitting needle bag by Yazzii
  6. Glass pearl beads by Eureka! Beads
  7. Silk Solstice yarn in grape and amethyst by Kaalund Yarns
  8. Hand painted silk solstice yarn by Prudence Mapstone
  9. Sakura ceramic bead strands by Eureka! Beads

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