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Neoprene Necklace



If you can thread, knot and glue, you can make this super-easy necklace in minutes. Find some beads with a large hole and arrange them as you please – odd numbers will work best in this arrangement.








  • 73cm length of 3mm neoprene tubing
  • 3 large beads with a large hole
  • 2 medium beads with a large hole
  • 1 magnetic fitting with holes to fit the tubing
  • Super glue










Thread the beads as follows onto the tubing: large, medium, large, medium then large. Position the beads in the centre of the tubing.









Tie a knot at each side of the beads, close to the beads so they don’t move.











Attach the magnetic fitting to the ends of the tubing using super glue – use enough to adhere without glue oozing out of the fitting.





When working with glue, cover the work surface with a piece of baking paper (non-stick parchment paper) – it saves your table and provides a non-stick surface to dry your finished work.

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Bead Them Up

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5 thoughts on “Neoprene Necklace”

  1. On the 18 Th. July you sent an email featuring a lovely neoprene necklace to make.
    It required beads with a large hole, but I would like to use the particular beads illustrated (metallic mesh).
    Are you able to tell me where in Melbourne I can get them from ?
    Love the newsletter,
    Kind regards

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