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This month Nifty Notions reviews a new product that is proving to be a real winner for quilters but has plenty of other applications too: HEAT Press Batting Together. This month is Part One then Part Two will cover ideas for quilters to use it for quilt-as-you-go techniques.

Nifty Notions is written by Judy Hall.

Every time you use batting, do you have lots of odd shapes and widths left over as scraps? Of course you do because it simply isn’t made in the width you need ‘today’ or what you needed ‘yesterday’. Now you may ‘waste not, want not’ and use all those leftovers for future projects.

As the name implies, HEAT Press Batting Together was developed to fuse batting or fabric together, rather than pinning or gluing, so quilters could use their scraps and leftover batting pieces. However, as sewers often do, I’ve discovered many uses for this tape I would like to share with you and I invite you to offer more via the comments section.

HEAT Press Batting Together (pictured above) is a 1½ inch cloth tape that will fuse two edges of batting together. It originally was produced and sold as a 10yd pack but now is in a 15yd pack for no extra cost as well as a new 100yd pack in white and a 10yd pack in black.

It is also available as HEAT Press Batting Together ¾ inch-wide:

We all had previously either thrown those scraps of batting away, or butted them together and sewed a wide zig-zag down the butted edges, or whip-stitched them together. No more!

HEAT Press Batting Together may be used on any batting fibre content.

  • First trim your batting pieces to give a straight edge.
  • Butt them together and lay a piece of HPBT with the fusible side down, centred over the join.
  • Fuse with an iron.

It remains there permanently and doesn’t drift apart with laundering. You will find it has a soft feel and stretches a little, making it easy to work with either for hand or machine quilting. It doesn’t shrink or bulk within the quilt during use and laundering so you will be delighted with its appeal.

HEAT Press Batting Together on Milk/Protein Batting:

HEAT Press Batting Together on Black Poly/Cotton Batting:

HEAT Press Batting Together on Insul-Brite Batting:

How To Press:

  • Please note that iron settings are MOST important when applying tape.
  • Irons with Teflon plates can use low cotton settings to fuse the tape.
  • Irons without a Teflon plate – please test your iron with the tape and batting combination.
  • 100% polyester batting – use a low heat setting.
  • Test all synthetic mixed battings – a wool setting is recommended.
  • You may find that the batting looks flat after application but when it cools, the batting regains its fluffiness.

HEAT Press Batting Together has many other uses though, apart from quilting applications.

It is an excellent reinforcement for stretch fabrics to stabilise a shoulder seam. Simply fuse the ¾ inch-wide tape to one side of the shoulder seam line before seaming.

HEAT Press Batting Together on Shoulder Seams:

Fuse HPBT along the neckline or an armhole of a sleeveless garment before stitching, again to prevent stretching or gaping.

Some lightweight heirloom-type fabrics or evening fabrics are difficult to invisibly hem, whether by hand or machine. HPBT is ideal, in either width, to fuse a hem in place. Ideal for hems on jeans! Most other tapes are less than perfect when applying to the heavier fabric content of jeans and most result with a stiff feel to the garment whereas HPBT remains pliable and soft.

HEAT Press Batting Together Fabric Hem:

HEAT Press Batting Together Jeans Hem:

When sewing buttonholes on heirloom fabrics or slinky fabrics, prevent puckered fabric by fusing a piece of HPBT on the wrong side of the buttonhole placement position.

These two photos will show a ‘with’ and ‘without’ HPBT for a buttonhole.

HEAT Press Batting Together Buttonhole:

HEAT Press Batting Together also is handy to use as a backing for stretch fabric or reinforcement anywhere for stretch fabric. I am quite sure you will find ever so many uses for this versatile product.

I think that this product is a MUST have for any sewer or quilter as one of the handiest fix-it type tapes on the market. I applaud its introduction and urge you to try it and appreciate its usefulness.

Please note: So popular has HEAT Press Batting Together been, some similar products have been released, imitating the original, but they seem to stretch, distort and roll, making them not as easy to work with.

Next Issue will show how to use HEAT Press Batting Together for making Half Square and Quarter Square Triangles plus two methods of Quilt-As-You-Go.

Products are available from good haberdashery retail outlets or from Punch with Judy, a regular exhibitor at the Craft & Quilt Fairs and Craft and Sewing Shows. Or visit


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