Product Review – Sewline Needle Threader

by Judy Hall

Am I getting old? Why are they making sewing needles with smaller eyes? Why does the thread go limp when it reaches the eye of the needle? Does this sound familiar to thoughts going through your head when you try to thread a hand sewing needle? Yes, there are numerous needle threaders to assist, but do they? How long do they last? Most needle threaders have a wire which is very weak and vulnerable to being damaged in storage, even those with a so-called protective backing. I am constantly being asked for a decent needle threader, particularly for those finer needles. There are a few others which are streets ahead of most, but allow me to introduce you to the NEW Sewline™ quickthru Needle Threader. The stylish unit looks like a Lipstick Case, but as you slide the top section down, it reveals the actual needle threader, all nicely protected when not in use. How does it work? Simply insert the needle into the guide hole until it touches the end, ensuring that the eye of the needle is open to the threader pin. Lay the thread across the V opening and gently press the lever. The lever pushes a pin through the eye of the needle catching the thread and so threading the needle – as easy as that. Why is it so good? The fold of the thread is used to thread the needle as opposed to a cut end which often splits or becomes fluffy even when you cut it on an angle.   The Sewline™ quickthru Needle Threader is a well-made product even offering a Replacement Threader Cartridge for longer life, plus, it features a built-in storage case for your needles. It is designed for fine needle sizes Sizes 9 -12, the hardest to thread; it even has a handy needle guide listing numerous brands of needles and types suitable for use. I have tested it with a variety of needles and threads and its performance has been excellent. I can thoroughly recommend the Sewline™ quickthru Needle Threader for anyone who has trouble threading fine needles because of fading eyesight or frustration from “licking” an angled cut thread and still not being able to thread the needle! If you prefer to persist with the latter method, a little tip: wet the eye of the needle, not the thread. Whether you are a seamstress, quilter or embroiderer – this product is most assuredly one you should consider adding to your sewing kit. Congratulations Sewline for offering another tool to make our sewing more enjoyable! Available from most sewing retail stores and online sewing websites. This product review was kindly contributed by Judy Hall from Punch with Judy. You can see product demonstrations at the Craft & Quilt Fair. Visit their website at for all your creative sewing needs.  

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