Oddest book title nominee

This year’s six finalists for Oddest Book Title of the Year have just been announced in London, and Australian Loani Prior’s How Tea Cosies Changed the World has been short-listed!

For 35 years trade magazine The Bookseller has been running this award, to provide much-needed publicity to obscure book titles and the ‘undervalued art’ of writing them. We’re very excited to see Loani’s third publication up here alongside Goblinproofing One’s Chicken Coop by Reginald Bakeley, Was Hitler Ill? By Hans-Joachim Neumann and Henrik Eberle and others.

We asked Loani what she thinks about this prestigious accolade and how has it changed her (if at all)?
“Well my London publicist (oh I do love saying that), my London publicist emailed me with the news. It hasn’t actually change me at all. I already have an enormous head. Though it’s is a week now and I haven’t yet shaken off a sort of Tourette’s Syndrome twitch where I keep breaking out into riotous giggling without any apparent reason” she chuckled.
And should you win, have you prepared an acceptance speech?
“I think it is important to always have an acceptance speech on hand” she said, adding; “certainly whenever anyone gives me a present I always say ‘Oh I LOVE presents. Thankyou.’ And I could modify that perhaps by changing the word ‘presents’ for ‘awards’’.
We know there’s a fourth book on the way next year. Are you already putting thought into its title?
“Well The Bloke thinks it ought to be called Not Another Expletive Tea Cosy Book. All suggestions are welcome!”

You can vote for How Tea Cosies Changed the World by going to


The winner will be announced March 22, 2013.

Loani will be showcasing her tea cosies and will be available to talk about her books, her inspiration and much more at:

Craft & Quilt Fairs 2013
Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre, May 22-26
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, July 25-28
Canberra Exhibition Park, August 8-11
New Zealand, Claudelands Event Centre Hamilton, September 5-8
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, October 16-20
Adelaide Event & Exhibition Centre, November 7-10

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