Paper Bird Brooch


 Skye Rogers, a lifelong illustrator and artist, shares her Paper Bird Brooch project with us. Skye has coveted paper ever since she can remember. “Through drawing and writing on it and trying to make things out of it, paper and I have had a long and intense friendship,” she says. She indulges her love of making and drawing things through her work and her books, and she will be a guest artist at The Stitches & Craft Shows in Sydney, March 7 – 10, and Brisbane March 21 – 24, 2013.

We hope you enjoy making it as much as we did, and becauseit is great fun working out combinations of different birds, you will probably end up making a few of them! The bird also makes a quirky fridge magnet.

Download and print Paper Bird template here.

Bird Template
Finished look with embellishments

You will need:

Pieces of 300gsm card in various colours and/or patterns,

(or thinner sheets, which you can adhere to thicker card stock for more ballast).

Tracing paper

Pencils 3B and sharp HB

Utility knife for adults and small sharp scissors for kids

Cutting mat

PVA glue or glue stick

Light sandpaper or a sanding block (optional)

Brooch or Magnet attachment

Coloured pencils, optional



1. Using the template, carefully trace the various parts of your bird onto the

tracing paper.

2. Transfer the bird parts onto your card. Skye does this the old fashioned way by

rubbing a 3B pencil over the back of the tracing paper following the lines

that are on the front side. Place the tracing paper on the card with the pencilled

rubbing facing down, then with your sharp HB pencil go over the lines of the

template. The pencil rubbing will leave an outline on the card.

3. Carefully cut out the different parts using your utility knife or scissors.

Use a small sanding block if you fancy it or a piece of sandpaper wrapped

around a matchbox to tidy up any daggy edges.

4. Before gluing the pieces into place, make sure you are clear about the order

in which to glue them down. Using full-strength PVA glue or good quality glue stick:

5. Start by making the separate wing piece. Glue the long tail pieces (2) behind the shorter ones (3) and then glue them behind number 1, the umbrella that will keep them all together.

6. Glue down number 4 onto where the beak would be on the main body part,

which is number 6 (I have given you a bit extra so you can angle it a bit to suit,

simply cut off any overhang).

7. Glue down the extra body pattern (5) over the top of 4 and 6.

8. Adhere the separate wing piece you’ve made (perhaps let this dry separately

for a bit so it doesn’t move too much while handling it).

9. Carefully press all the pieces firmly down, cover with a piece of non-stick baking paper and put your birdy under a pile of heavy books overnight.

10. Attach a button to serve as an eye (glue or stitch on), and glue a brooch fitting, or magnet, to the back with PVA glue and allow to dry before turning over.


Skye Rogers


Come and meet Skye at the Sydney and Brisbane Stitches & Craft Show where she will hold mini workshops and demonstrations each day.Skye’s book ‘Paper Bliss’ will be available for purchase from Can Do Books at The Stitches & Craft Fair, and Skye will also be doing book signings there – what a great gift!









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