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Announcing an Australian first: At our Australasian Quilt Convention this year, we’re delighted to include the travelling display, The Best of QuiltCon 2017 in our Quilt Show. This special exhibit will come direct from QuiltCon 2017 in the USA.


From the 2016 QuiltCon event: My Brother’s Jeans, Best in Show, QuiltCon 2016, Melissa Averinos

Presented by the Modern Quilt Guild, The Best of QuiltCon 2017, is a collection of modern quilts from the guild’s annual, worldwide conference and show held in February in Savannah, Georgia. This inspiring exhibit will showcase the best work of modern quilters today. Graphic and hip, these quilts represent the pinnacle of craftsmanship and design in today’s modern quilting movement.  SCROLL DOWN to see more quilts from The Best of QuiltCon 2016.

ABOUT THE MODERN QUILT GUILD: The MQG developed out of the thriving online community of modern quilters and their desire to start meeting in person. The founding guild was formed in Los Angeles in October of 2009. Through blogs and the Internet, word spread quickly of the fun they were having, and soon guilds started popping up everywhere. There are now more than 170 guilds around the world with members on six continents.

ABOUT THE AUSTRALASIAN QUILT CONVENTION: AQC is Australia’s premier quilting event where quilters come together to see the best of Australian quilting as well as exhibitions from around the world. There are many quilts that will only be seen at AQC.

The convention program has a four-day class program featuring top quilting tutors, as well as a unique Quilt Show featuring the best of Australian quilts and international works. Social events, delicious lunches and lectures are just some of the inclusions in the convention.

Visitors can buy a ticket to attend for a day to see the Quilt Show, to shop in the Expo and to join mini workshops and seminars.

Expo retailers will present the latest quilting supplies with new ranges and products.

To learn with the tutors in full day classes, keen quilters can book as a delegate in a two-day or four-day package of classes, catered lunches, lectures, social events and unlimited Expo access.

More information, visit: www.aqc.com.au


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ABOUT THE BEST OF QUILTCON. There are no images of the 2017 quilts yet as the event has not yet taken place, but here are some of the works from the Best of QuiltCon 2016 for your enjoyment:



Twisted Sisters Quilt, Category: Group or Bee Quilts, Award: 3rd place, Group or Bee Quilts, Pieced by: Stephanie Ruyle, Christine Perrigo, Wendy Bermingham, Amy Wade, Chelsea Camalick, Sheri Nichols, Michelle Davis, Wendy Roth, Teri Ladtkow, Susan Santisteven, Charlayne Dunn, Shelby Skumanich, Andrea Berryhill, Teresa Barbagallo, Lauren Lang, Dena Mehling, Anne deister, Katie Rapp, Carla Keahey, Marsha Loewenbery, Judy Sanclaria, Heather Ferguson. Quilted by: Wendy Bermingham, Christine Perrigo, Denver Metro MQG


Catnado, Category: EZ Triangle Quilt Challenge, Award: 2nd place, EZ Triangle Quilt Challenge, Pieced and quilted by: Karen Duling, Individual Member


Release the Geese II, Category: Modern Traditionalism, Award: 3rd place Modern Traditionalism, Pieced by: Sarah Bond, Philadelphia MQG, Quilted by: Carol Heisler



Eichler Homes, Category: EZ Triangle Quilt Challenge, Award: 1st place, EZ Triangle Quilt Challenge, Pieced by: Mickey Beebe, South Bay Area MQG, Quilted by: Tami Levin


Night Flight no. 1, Category: Improvisation, Award: 2nd place, Improvisation, Pieced and quilted by: Heidi Parkes, Individual Member



Horseshoes & Hand Grenades, Category: Use of Negative Space, Award: 2nd place, Use of Negative Space, Pieced and quilted by: Rebecca Burnett, Toronto MQG


My Brother’s Jeans, Category: Improvisation, Award: Best in show, Pieced and quilted by: Melissa Averinos, Individual Member


Under the Radar, Category: Piecing, Award: 1st place, Piecing, Pieced and quilted by: Corinne Sovey, Austin MQG


The Other Side, Category: Minimalist Design, Award: Freespirit Quilting Excellence, Pieced and quilted by: Carson Converse, Northampton MQG


Cut & Keep, Category: Applique, Award: 3rd place, Applique, Pieced and quilted by: Gina Pina, Austin MQG

 All photography by Lauren Hunt

Further reading:

About QuiltCon: quiltcon.com

About The Modern Quilt Guild: themodernquiltguild.com

About the Australasian Quilt Convention: aqc.com.au 


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