Readers’ Christmas Gifts

Christmas Wreath Project


Last month we invited Into Craft readers to send in pictures of their Christmas craft projects. Thank you to everyone who responded – there were so many wonderful creative gifts – your friends and family will be very lucky this year! Here are just a few of the great ideas.

Thank you to Bronwen Gordon of Aspley in Queensland who sent this picture of her Christmas Wreath and included instructions in case you’d like to make one too.

To create a wreath like Bronwen’s, you will need to cut small squares of fabric with pinking shears, approximately 8cm in size. Fold them on the diagonal and then pinch up a piece of the fabric to create something like a butterfly shape. Using a 10cm length of florist’s wire, thread a bead onto the wire then wrap it across the middle of the fabric.
Take a polystyrene foam ring and wind wide Christmas ribbon around it. When this is complete, use pins to pin each piece of wired fabric to the ring to decorate the wreath. Add a bow at the bottom and a loop at the top in order to hang it. Instead of florist wire you could also use very thin cord.

Thank you to Bronwen for sharing this fun idea – it would be a good one to get the kids involved too!

Bronwen will receive a fantastic Ottlite courtesy of Stitch n Stuff, a regular exhibitor at the Craft & Quilt Fairs and Stitches & Craft Shows (formerly Craft and Sewing Shows).

About the Lamp: The Task Lamp is a lightweight dream, providing natural OttLite® illumination in a compact design. Position parallel to the desktop or straight up to illuminate larger areas. You’ll see tiny details with less eyestrain. Perfect for fine painting, illustration, colour matching, and more! Won’t distort the colour of wool, fabrics or threads. Portable fold-up design with automatic on/off. Includes energy efficient 13wHD tube – rated to last up to 10,000 hours, rrp$99. Stitch n Stuff are a regular exhibitor at our craft events. Read more at


And here’s a great idea that Jacque Eden of Gin Gin, Qld has made for her grandchildren – a cooking set for Ellie (4 years) and a carpenter’s apron (made from an upholstery sample and an old belt) for young Wil (2 years). Lucky Ellie and Wil to get these gorgeous gifts from Gran! CLICK on the images for a larger view.



Lynne Howarth of Clontarf, Qld made this ‘which way is up’ quilt for her eldest grand-daughter Ellison. In Lynne’s words: “She is 11 years old and loves black and red. Her father serves in the armed forces, finished his second tour of Afghanistan in July this year. Ellison is a craft lover, just like I am, and she’s very creative.”


And last but not least, Norma Futter, sent this picture of just one of the many tea cosies she has been making for friends and family. Wouldn’t it be great to sit down at Norma’s table for a cuppa with this cheery Santa keeping the pot warm!

Jacque, Lynne and Norma will also be receiving a gift from Into Craft – Happy Christmas!
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  1. Please note that I have changed my email address. I am now in a retirement village with some very crafty ladies! Some of the items in your emails will be most welcome for us to make in time for our fete later in the year! Thanks


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