Reece Scannell’s Textiles as Art

Artists have taken Reece Scannell’s elegant internationally recognised photorealistic fabric prints and made them their own.

This collaboration starts with the medium of photography and includes fabric design and a diverse range of textile art techniques.

First the photographer (Reece Scannell) has taken an image and then, in the role of fabric designer, he has had these images printed onto linen. The result is striking fabric panels which make unique textile artworks.


The artists who have worked with Reece Scannell in this project are Jenny Bowker, Dijanne Cevaal, Saffron Craig, Sue de Vanny, Jan Fraser, Julie Haddrick, Kay Haerland and Dale Rollerson.


The original fabric panels by Reece Scannell which were created using photographs from his extensive body of work

To take the process a step further, Reece has passed the fabric on to award winning textile artists and quilters. Each artist has then applied their own design insights to create a new work. Each one has had a completely different approach; from using the printed panel as a background to embellish and embroider, to adding new elements to the point where the original image fades and is almost unrecognisable.

Techniques include quilting, machine embroidery and hand stitch.


See the display at the Melbourne Craft & Quilt
Fair,  July 26 to 29, next to the Reece Scannell stand. 

Read more about Melbourne Craft & Quilt Fair 

Presented by Reece Scannell Designs


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