Removing Marks with StainMaid


This month Judy Hall from Nifty Notions follows on from her last article ‘Which Marker’ with information on how to remove unwanted marks or stains.



This will be a two-part editorial, the first featuring a NEW product from Sewline called StainMaid which removes stains from fabric and the second will feature a few of her favourite products for removing stains and unwanted marks. Judy explains.



I am constantly being asked “do you have a product that will remove………..?”

Yes, accidents happen. A needle prick to a finger can result in a drop of blood on our fabric. Disaster we think. We all have a cuppa whilst sewing and sometimes a drip or two (or worse) spills onto our work …Ooops!


Sewline has introduced StainMaid to help clean away grease stain spots such as drink, food, blood and more. It has a special blend of orange oil and natural cleaning ingredients in a crayon stick form. The smart, pen like holder is so easy to use with its ‘spot on’ application. It has a proven ability to remove, dissolve and effectively lift oil-based stains, grease, inks, pencil, food and substances like coffee, tea, blood, lipstick and sauce.

Simply rub the orange oil crayon thickly onto the stain, gently agitate by ruffling the weave and leave for five minutes or so. Then with an absorbent cloth underneath, dab the stain spot with a wet cloth. As stains vary in intensity, it may take a second rub-on with the orange oil crayon and more sponging. Some fabrics may need a full rinse to avoid a water stain.

Ball point pens and felt tip markers generally have chemical pigments and emulsions. StainMaid will lift many but unfortunately not all, so I suggest you try it on waste fabric first.




StainMaid has a really lovely orange perfume so you’ll find it quite pleasant to use. So EASY too, being in a ‘stick’ form, there’s no worries about spilling a liquid, no mess to clean up and it’s non-toxic. It does claim to be safe for all washables, whites and colours, but I always like to test on an inconspicuous spot first. Fresh stains are always easier to remove than ones you’ve already tried to remove unsuccessfully with several other methods. StainMaid is particularly handy to pop into your luggage when you travel, for those little emergencies when they pop up.



I hope you find StainMaid as convenient to use as I have.













See you at the NIFTY NOTIONS demonstration on the INTO CRAFT stand this month at the Craft & Quilt Fair Sydney June 12-16, 2013, and Hobart June 28-30, 2013!

Products are available from good haberdashery retail outlets or from Punch with Judy, a regular exhibitor at the Craft & Quilt Fairs . Or visit

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2 thoughts on “Removing Marks with StainMaid”

  1. I have always found a soak in cold water and rinse, and then good old Sunlight soap with warmer water if required removes just about anything and everything. The sooner the better of course. And for those ball point pens etc – methylated spirits will remove or at least lighten almost all. Do not use heat inc hot water until after you have tried the first suggestion.
    I am infamous among my husband’s sailing fraternity for being able to remove more than a day old red wine stains from his shirts.

  2. Have used “The Masters” Brush Cleaner and Preserver successfully on many craft disasters, including dyes, and stamp pad ink.


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