Reveal or Conceal – quilts and bags from Korea

In this unique exhibition, 10 Korean artisans have designed quilts and complementary bags with the theme reveal or conceal. Each artisan has interpreted the theme in a unique way – are they wanting to live safely and conceal, or feel free and alive and reveal?

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Shin, Hey Kyung

Artist statement: As a girl, I was trained to have a specific character – to be a good woman even before being aware of myself what my real character is. Sometimes I was forced to hide my nature instead of expressing what I actually feel, or to exaggerate the goodness more than I had on the contrary. I adapted the most famous double-faced person to express the character. Slash quilt techniques are used to show how characters are concealed or revealed.


Where to Put the Keys? by Eom, Jae Young

People expect me to do something, as a wife or a mother, a quilter or a teacher, a creator or a buyer; all these turn into the relations, more or less important depending on my decision. All the pockets of this bag represent those roles of mine. One is big, another is small, while another is narrow and deep, open with buttons or zipper, inside or outside. Now I have to make a big decision never to forget; in which pocket should I put the keys? Again, on what role should I put emphasis to be myself?


Visit the exhibition at the AQC

April 11-14, Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton Gardens, Melbourne

Thursday-Sunday 10am-4.30pm. More info:

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