Roped In to a Cool Project

During the year, at our Sydney Craft & Quilt Fair, we noticed some rather unusual garments in the Knitters’ Guild display and thought we’d share it with you.

These edgy garments were made by Bernadette Chad, a member of the Knitters’ Guild of NSW and are particularly different – not only for their edgy fashion look but because they are created from abseiling rope – one even includes a carabiner fastening in the front.


by Judy Newman


Bernadette explained that the garments were actually a commission for Danielle Kremer, a fashion design graduate of the University of Technology, who had called on Bernadette’s skills to bring her designs to life.

The abseiling rope was a special order woven with specified colours.



Working with a heavy duty ‘yarn’ of this kind would have had unique challenges such as the weight involved. Not one to reach the end of her rope easily, Bernadette rose to the challenge – and we think she has done a great job. Well done Bernadette and Danielle!

Find out more about The Knitters’ Guild of NSW at their website:



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One thought on “Roped In to a Cool Project”

  1. A while back, Kinnears did a special order of abseiling rope which was black with a retro-reflective strip woven into it. The idea was to have a rope which did not show up unless you were wearing a head torch. It later became available in other colours and thicknesses, which got used on things like backpacks and the like. I saw the garments on display and thought they were really funny.


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