Seashell Specimen Art

Here’s a simple idea for creating some artwork for your home. Take your cue from the scientists and lay out shells (or leaf skeletons would work well too) in an orderly fashion and glue to background, then frame. Click on the images to see a larger view.


1. Shell Art
1. Shell Art
1. Shell Art Detail
1. Detail
2. Shell Art
2. Shell Art
2. Shell Art Detail
2. Detail


30cm square frame
30cm square decorative scrapbook paper
25cm square of art paper
Fine Artline or Sharpie pen
Double sided tape or glue
Thick strong glue such as UHU bond, E5000 or a hot glue gun and sticks



Here’s what we did:

Take a 30cm square frame and tape a piece of decorative scrapbooking paper as a background on the insert backboard of the frame. Select a piece of rough edge art paper (around 25cm square in size) that fits nicely within your frame. Using a fine Artline or Sharpie pen, draw a double outline about 2.5cm inside the edge of the paper. Tape or glue the art paper to the centre of the scrapbook-paper-covered backboard.

Arrange your shells on the paper and when you are happy with the placement, glue each one in place using strong glue such as UHU bond, E5000 or a hot glue gun – test your glue first to make sure it works with your paper and shells. If your shells have a hollow back, you may need to build up a blob of glue or use silicon glue. Stand back and admire your artwork! If you like this project, you might also like Shell & Button Collages.


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