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Six Quick Card Ideas


By Judy Newman

Armed with a few pieces of cardstock, printed paper, ribbons, eyelets and glue stick or double sided tape, you can create a stack of cards in no time. Rope the kids in to this one – it’s a great school holiday craft activity for all ages. Get them to add their own touches – they could add photographs for a personal touch to their cards.

You will need: card stock, patterned paper scraps, glue stick or double sided tape, ribbon, cord, eyelets, flowers, beaded brads if you have them (available from scrapbook suppliers). If you don’t have an eyelet setting tool, you can skip this step and just punch holes in the paper using a hole punch. If you want to invest in a punch, they are a lot of fun. We used a Crop-A-Dile – you’ll find them at most scrapbooking suppliers.

General instructions: For all cards, start with an A4 piece of card stock and fold it in half to create your basic card. Then decorate it in one of the following ways:


Step 1

1. Cut a piece of paper a few millimetres smaller than the card. Glue a piece of ribbon around the paper. Knot a short cord or length of embroidery thread to the ribbon. Then glue the paper onto the card using glue stick or double sided tape.

Step 2

2. Cut a plain piece of paper about 5mm smaller than the card, then cut another feature piece (we used Japanese printed paper) smaller again and glue it onto the plain paper. Insert eyelets at two corners of the printed paper (if you don’t have an eyelet setter, just punch two holes in the paper.) Tie a thin cord through the holes. Glue the layered paper piece onto the centre of the card. Simple yet very stylish!

Step 3

3. Using the same concept, cut a plain piece of paper smaller than the card. Cut a strip of printed paper and glue it around the plain piece. Punch eyelets in each end of the paper and thread ribbon through. Tie a bow and glue the piece to the card front.

Step 4

4. Cut a printed piece of paper a few millimeters smaller than the card. Fix two layers of silk flower petals onto one corner of the printed piece using a beaded brad. If you don’t have a beaded flower brad or eyelet punch – just glue the flowers in place and add a button instead. Glue the layered piece onto the front of the card. Cut a strip of paper to fit along the spine of the card – slightly smaller than the length, glue it in place.

Step 5

5. Cut a printed piece of paper about 5mm smaller than the card. Cut a strip of ribbon slightly shorter than the long side of the paper, then glue it along one long side. Punch a decorative eyelet/grommet in one corner and thread a length of ribbon through the eyelet, tying it in a knot after wrapping it around the paper a couple of times. Glue the paper and ribbon piece onto the card.

Step 6

6. Cut an oval piece of pretty patterned paper. Punch eyelets through each side and thread with a ribbon, tied into a bow. Glue the oval onto the card.

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One thought on “Six Card Ideas”

  1. Love the look of these cards, quick easy and quirky they suit my sense of fun, I love them so much I’m going to make some this afternoon, so many ideas can come from these.


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