Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Cabot Quilters are a group of women who have all been associated with Cabot Quilting Conferences in some way, either as students or teachers. They have taken part in the Transatlantic Quilt Challenge for several years, combining their quilts with a group in California. Their quilts have travelled the globe and have been seen in venues all across the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom.
We thought we’d share some quilts with you from their Something Borrowed, Something Blue exhibition…

Old, Blue, Borrowed and Blue by Rebecca Collins


Sunset over the Blue Lagoon by Christine Porter


Blue Dishes by Christine Vlietstra


Blue Lagoon by Glenys Miles


Blue Riband by Lucy Poloniecka


Blue Zentangle by Hanne Asbey


Borrowed too much…feeling blue by Roz Wade


Circles Flight by Carole Liebzeit


Dancing in the Moonlight by Chris Day


Classic and Cool by Caroline Wilkinson


Disappearing Blue by Sally Ablett


Illuminating Blue by Judith Barker


It’s a Bit Pink! by Frances Rye
Distlefinks by Tracey Periera
Something Borrowed, Something Blue by Helen Clark
Going Crazy; Got the Blues by Katharine Guerrier
Naiad by Joan Bowie
Linking Generations by Margaret Jefferies
Tiddly Pom by Catherine Millar
sTITched by Dilys Fronks
The Island by Alicia Merrett
Stars above Log Cabins by Ruth Case

Did you know?

1. Blue is also the most universally liked colour of all and is the least ‘gender specific’ colour. It promotes both physical and mental relaxation. It calms and cools us, reduces stress, promotes relaxation and order. Just think of how calm we feel when we lay on our backs and look up to a blue sky.
2. Van Gogh wrote to his brother Theo, saying “Cobalt [blue] is a divine colour and there is nothing so beautiful for putting atmosphere around things…”
3. As painters know well, the farther away an object is, the more blue it often appears to the eye. For example, mountains in the distance often appear blue.
4. In Britain, a bride in a wedding is encouraged to wear “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue,” as a sign of loyalty and faithfulness. A blue sapphire engagement ring is also considered a symbol of fidelity.
5. If you want your room to look romantic, use light shades of blue.



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