Sparkly Suncatcher Project 

Remember chasing rainbows around the room as kids? Take advantage of the beautiful sun that’s shining through our windows as we gear up for summer by making a beaded crystal suncatcher. Not only will they brighten up the window, they’re quick and easy to make – great for kids to make as end of year presents for teachers! These fun window hangings are also useful for using up odd beads and crystals – use your imagination!

By Bobbi O’Riley of Eureka! Beads

Materials Needed:

  • crystal beads (4-10)
  • suncatcher
  • tigertail (about 60cm)
  • 2 small crimps
  • 3mm spacer metal beads (3-9)
  • 1 large hole filigree metal bead


Tools Needed:

  • Crimping Pliers
  • Wire Cutters

Step 1

Pick up your crystal beads and suncatcher and lay them out in a pattern you’re happy with.






Step 2

Thread the tigertail wire through a small crimp, through the hole at the top of the suncatcher, and back through again.






Step 3

Squish the crimp down nice and tight with your crimping pliers and cut off any excess wire.






Step 4

Thread on the large hole filigree metal bead to hide the crimp, followed by your smaller crystal beads (we used 12mm round glass crystals, 3mm plain metal beads and 9mm helix glass crystals).





Step 5

At the very end of the tigertail, thread on another small crimp. Make a loop with the tigertail (approximately 3cm) and thread it back through the small crimp. Squish down and cut off any excess tigertail.





If you want to use a large bead with a hole running through the center instead of a suncatcher, you will need to thread it slightly differently. At step 2, first thread on a small crimp, followed by a 3mm metal bead. Thread the tigertail over the top of the metal bead and back through the small crimp. Squish down tightly and cut off any excess wire. Thread on your large bead, then continue from step 4 to finish your window hanging.





Your crystal suncatcher is now ready to hang in the window. Use the second loop to hang from a hook etc. The possibilities for creating a unique window hanging are endless – use different colour crystals, Swarovski crystals, large glass beads etc to create something truly different!

Eureka! Beads are a regular exhibitor at our craft events. You can also visit their website which has a great range of projects and products at














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